Homeland Is In Vogue! Claire Danes, Damian Lewis In Vogue August 2013

Almost 2 years after TV’s most appealing drama series, Showtime’s Homeland aired its pilot (October 2nd, 2011), Vogue is finally giving its seal of approval by putting Claire Danes, the feminine lead of the series in question, on their August 2013 cover.

There’s an interesting side to this, though: the inside pictorial, signed by Vogue’s most epic imagist, Annie Leibovitz, also includes Homeland’s male lead played by Damian Lewis. Fear not, you didn’t miss the series 3rd season premiere as this was scheduled for September 29th, but isn’t it strange to find this lovely, extremely talented actress covering the American Vogue’s age issue? – she’s only 34, that must be a record even for Vogue’s usual impertinence!

Homeland Claire Danes Vogue August 2013

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The Perfect Girly Backpack: Liberty Marc Jacobs

Time and time again I have expressed my admiration and passion for Liberty of London flowery prints. There’s a bohemian quality to them that transcends the girly simple pleasures into a timeless value proven by years of tradition and collaborations.

It actually surprised me to see that Marc Jacobs hadn’t jumped in that bandwagon before and that he’s so late to join the flowery collaborations camp. Like so many brands before him, Marc by Marc Jacobs has concocted a simple bouquet of flowery printed items that will certainly steal your boho heart! I admit I would definitely buy all the items from this collection! They’re so versatile, charming and, most importantly: timeless!

girly bags Marc by Marc Jacobs Liberty London

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Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw, Ezra Miller In Prada Fall 2013 Ad Campaign

When it comes to vision and artistic approach, you have to agree that Miuccia Prada makes for the most interesting perspectives on fashion and style in general. Her Fall 2013 Men Ad Campaign features yet again famous men we see and admire in our daily entertainment routine: Christoph Waltz, Ben Whishaw and Ezra Miller.

The chromatic of the setting and the sober, almost strict approach of the styling with a little help from David Sims cameras point towards a successful, steady marketing approach. The clothes are very wearable and pleasantly fashionable without being too much or too complicated, as usually, Prada’s aesthetic is a very oriented one, strong and with a clear, precise trajectory and target.

Ben Whishaw Ezra Miller Christoph Waltz Prada Fall 2013

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Pregnant Wardrobe Inspiration: Halle Berry

Halle Berry – an undoubtedly stunning beauty in her day to day life is pregnant. For the second time. But you might have already read about that in the lifestyle pages of various magazines who are consistently following Halle and her life happenings. Especially since she’s a priceless source of gossip (remember that Halle Berry has also a daughter with male model Gabriel Aubry and he has proven to be pretty recalcitrant about her present relationship with Olivier Martinez).

However, at 46, Halle is a gorgeous pregnant lady who seems to be glowing inside out and pretty conscious about it too. Otherwise she wouldn’t go for the type of pregnant wardrobe she’s choosing for her outings. Confidence exudes through her every pore.

In a flawless physical shape, Halle is showing off her gorgeous legs in one of my favorite outfits: a twisted ombre black-grey-white skirt and a simple black top. Loving every inch of that skirt and admiring the way it dresses her up!

Halle Berry pregnant wardrobe ombre skirt

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The New Nail Art Trend: Chanel Toe Rings As Nails Rings

While reviewing the Haute Couture shows from the Fall 2013 season, I noticed something new proposed on the Chanel runway. Something rather intriguing as we’re used to a new nail polish color pouring down from Der Kaiser’s presentations!

So my dahlings, start saving on your nail polish budget only to throw yourself full speed on rings! Marcasite adjustable rings are the new nails do / must wear jewelry. Come to think of it, while the average Chanel nail polish comes with a $27 price tag and the average sterling silver simple toe ring comes with a $3 price tag. We’re in for a real accessories/beauty deal if we’re to bet on Chanel!

the new nail art trend Chanel Couture rings

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Beyond Time And Fashion: Prince Does V Magazine, Fall 2013

There’s a real timeless quality to a real artist. Something about him or her keeps it relevant and vital above time and space, above trends and mood shifts. And that’s the artist’s trademark. That’s where the art really is. That’s where you’ll always find quality.

I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by Prince and his eccentric ways. Be it in music or in any of his art’s manifestations, Prince knew how to adapt and continue doing what he loves. He knew how to deliver what was expected of him and more. Beyond ‘le gout du jour’, you had Prince always cooking his specific purple meals! Talking about purple: this preview of the Fall 2013 issue of V Magazine is stunning and proves the above points: Prince as photographed by Inez and Vinoodh makes a stunning impression.

Prince purple V magazine cover Fall 2013

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Quick Complete Guide To Fall 2013 Couture

We live in fast times, my dahlings. And although everyone knows the chaos that is the Fashion Week, every season, the ever growing need to clone or multiply one’s intellectual receptors as to cover every show, concentrate reviews and short guides are still in high demand. Because, honestly, once the Fashion Week craze wraps up, nobody has time and disposition to watch all the shows endlessly. Quick and complete, that’s what I’ll do.

From StyleFrizz’s perspective, the Haute Couture collections (and designers) have clearly separated in two distinct camps: the elegant/Red Carpet/classic camp and the young/unisex/active camp. One of the main differences? Where the Classic Couture Camp will use sheer and transparency, the Active Camp will straightforwardly show the skin (don’t stop here, there’s so much more after the jump!)

Armani Fall 2013 couture sheer embroidered dresses

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Dare To Wear Una Burke’s Leather Creations?

Clearly wearing leather is a challenge in itself but also a durable experience that will take you through the years over and over again, keep your leather close and imprinted with every movement and every new wearing experience.

Una Burke’s leather creations seem as experimental as they are wearable and choosing one of her crafty models is a statement in itself as they go from restraints-like body corsets to simple belts, necklaces or bags. It’s a leather experiment in the works and it’s getting more and more coverage.

leather bolero Una Burke

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