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Freshface: Maria Borges

It’s been a while since our last Freshface post, huh? We see so many lovely faces, so many charming models nowadays that it all blends in, in a sea of catwalk beauty with no end.

We’re not living the supermodels era anymore (well, duh?!) and the widespread of the modeling has as many pros as it has cons. Sure, there’s still a handful of girls who have taken the lead and come as favorite for this or that designer, but then there are the newcomers, like this towering Angolan angel Maria Borges. Stunningly beautiful, amazingly fit and so graceful that it’s impossible to think that she won’t make it big one of these days.

freshface model Maria Borges

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Models Off Duty Wardrobe: Joan, Daphne, Liu, Lindsey H&M Collection

H&M. For your late-weekend inspiration, yes. Why? Because shopping is synonymous with leisure nowadays and we’re so busy during the weekdays, a shopping session sounds more therapeutic than an hour on the shrink’s couch. Sometimes. Especially when nice collections like this are involved!

Remember when I said I was thinking about H&M and how peculiarly quiet they’ve been about their new Designer Collaborations? Well, just the other I came across Beyonce doing both a campaign and contributing to the actual Summer collection, now it’s about the models.

H M models off duty collection

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Naomi Campbell Endless Legs In Numero Russia March 2013

Starting a new week with the very first issue of Numero Russia! Featuring the legendary Naomi Campbell on the cover as photographed by Sebastian Kim, this first issue is really promising.

Looking at the black and white pictorial, all I can think of is Kate Moss and her outfit for Carine Roitfeld’s Ball the other week. No pants, just a fancy top to cover her modesty and modestly. But I guess when you have legs like Naomi, wearing bottoms is offensive, not the other way around!

Naomi Campbell covers Numero Russia first issue

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Cindy Crawford Modeling Class: Harper’s Bazaar Brazil February 2013

I was just reading a piece of news – which could also double as a promotional material – in which Naomi Campbell claims it’s time models got their magazines covers back. Why would that be considered advertorial? Well, because Naomi (with Karolina Kurkova, Coco Rocha and Nigel Barker) are hosting ‘The Face’ – a show meant to launch new and fresh models.

But the truth is still out there: models rarely get fashion magazine covers nowadays. Could it be because movie stars sell more than models, but also because not many models today can meet the standards set by the supermodels, back in the glory days! Take a look at Cindy Crawford doing her thing for Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, February 2013!

Cindy Crawford Harper s Bazaar Brazil February 2013 cover

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Carla Bruni Posing Happily In Vogue Paris December 2012

When I saw the cover, I was – much like many of you – disappointed by the copious amount of retouching applied to Carla Bruni Sarkozy‘s Vogue feature. Carla is undoubtedly a gorgeous woman, her features are still unchanged by the passing of time, ever since her glory, golden supermodels days.

Stepping back from the public politic life as her husband is no longer the President of France, Carla Bruni is slowly getting her privacy back. As such, the title of her main Vogue Paris pictorial is more than suitable: The Seven Lives of Carla Bruni. (the story continues right after the jump! Click here for the gallery!)

Carla Bruni Vogue Paris December 2012

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Kate And Naomi Cover Interview Russia December 2012

The year is far from being over and here’s another flawless cover delivered by Kate Moss. With Naomi Campbell. In Russia.

Interview Russia December 2012 with the original supermodels sure sounds promising! Mert and Marcus did their usual camera magic and then waved the smoothing wand and then everything got back to the supers days. I don’t even mind that, in the name of art! I mind the cover choice: the unnecessary bareness of a woman’s body (as I said it over tFS as well). There’s enough fashion power in these two girls to move mountains, why go overboard when it’s just not needed? Thankfully, they have a second cover available, not as striking, pose – wise, but I guess that will have to do.(you can see it after the jump; click here for the gallery!)

Naomi Campbell Kate Moss Interview Russia December 2012 cover

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Miranda Kerr For Mango By Inez And Vinoodh

After countless seasons of collaboration with Kate Moss for the ad campaigns, the giant Spanish fashion retailer Mango passed the marketing crown to Miranda Kerr. (besides having the same name initials, the two ladies have little beauty characteristics in common – one is blonde, the other is a brunette, one has hazel eyes while the other has blue eyes; they’re both on a long list of supermodels who worked with Mango on their ad campaigns.)

Best news: they also changed the photographer and now they’re working with Inez and Vinoodh on this Spring Summer 2013 campaign! Maybe Terry’s star is finally fading?

Miranda Kerr Mango Spring Summer 2013 campaign


Fashion People Love The French Riviera

Kate Moss put on her little black bikini for a little holiday weekend in the French Riviera. Because, you know, she worked so hard during the Olympics Closing Ceremony, she just had to get away from it all! Every fashion luminary is lighting up the end of the Riviera season: Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, even Brigitte Bardot was there! So if you want to mingle with the fashpeople, set cap for St Tropez! {PopSugar, NYPost}

Kate Moss French holiday