The 5 Nail Polish Colors Every Girl Should Own!

I’m all about optimizing and filling the basic wardrobe needs and then let the creativity run wild and free, come up with amazing new combos from what I already have.

Already talked about the bags every woman should own, about the essential cold winter footwear… How about the 5 nail polishes every girl should own? Spring is officially here, it’s time to step up on every little beauty (and more) gesture! Polish those pretty little nails is the least you can do!

5 nail polishes every girl should own

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This Year’s Most Fashionable Sunglasses: DiorSoReal

If you’re already looking for the most fashionable sunglasses for this summer, DiorSoReal can be the stylish answer you need.
Much like our earlier topic, it’s more a question of dare to wear as this particular design is very avant-garde and unique but also very retro.

A rather interesting approach of the classic silhouette, something I hadn’t seen on a Dior Lady before!
Stella Tennant brought the SoReal news all the way to my Inbox and from there on, I’m delivering it to you as well, asking you if you could wear such sunglasses…

Stella Tennant Dior new sunglasses 2014

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Dare To Wear Petitplat Whimsical Food Jewelry By Stephanie Kilgast?

Here comes yet another episode of our beloved Dare to Wear series which focuses on the unusual, whimsical and the fun side of accessories, mainly jewelry, mainly handmade and fairly original. The kind of things you won’t find at your nearest fast fashion store and not even on the seasonal busy catwalks but in the Dare the Wear drawers!

Stephanie Kilgast creates a magic world of miniature foodie jewelry under the name PetitPlat (Tiny Meal in French). Her home/atelier is in Vannes, in the North-Western France, but Stephanie is driven and inspired by Freedom and the power that comes with being Free.

fabulous creations by Petitplat Stephanie Kilgast

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Ines De La Fressange, Pharrell Collection Make Uniqlo My Favorite Street Fashion Label

When marketing delivers a model you can identify with, you slowly morph into a loyal customer, just because you want a piece of that happy ‘model’ feeling. I was looking for some shopping inspiration and I came across an important piece of news: Ines de la Fressange released a collection with Uniqlo.

The towering queen of French Casual Chic is launching an affordable line through a fast fashion store – what’s not to like? But just days before, yet another iconic personality was announced to partner up with Uniqlo: the new King of Happy, Pharrell!

 Uniqlo new collection Ines de la Fressange Pharrell

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8 Cool And Chic Ways To Wear Bows

I was writing that green-accented outfits piece earlier and this happy feeling stuck with me. I decided to give it yet another chance to express itself by writing about one of the things I love most: Bows!

I love bows with a passion that I’m hoping to pass on to my daughter (wink – I have a feeling I already did, actually) and I happen to think they’re the most beautiful, feminine knots in the entire Universe! But how can you bring bows into your everyday outfits without making it look too childish or silly?

8 chic cool lovely ways to wear bows stylefrizz

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10 Simple Ways To Wear Green

Sun is shining, sky is blue, it’s time to wear green again! We talked about green makeup, green nails, how about we dig into the good ol’ closet and try to find some ways to bring green into your outfits?

After all, we still have a couple of days left before St Patrick’s Day, perfect opportunity for some strategic shopping or outfit-planning! And even if you’re not joining the green festivities, there’s still a handful of inspirational images for you to look at!

10 simple ways to wear green for spring

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Lorde And Taylor Swift: Friendship, Curly Hair And Success

Two newslines caught my undivided attention yesterday: Taylor Swift earned last year twice as Beyonce did in the same period of time! second: Lorde is soon releasing a makeup collection with M.A.C. . How do these two collide in my head? Scroll down to find out!

Straight hair is synonymous with celebrity. But how ‘natural’ is straight hair and how bending the nature contributes to being a celebrity? Isn’t it the least weird that in order to become successful, an artist has to undergo such significant changes and transformation which literally transfigure its persona into something else. Something like-able by everyone.

Or so they say: That everyone likes a certain stereotype of performer. Studies are constantly pushing new conclusions, shaping new characteristics for the dream entertainer.

Lorde hair Taylor Swift hair

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10 Simple Green Nails Ideas For Spring

Despite of recent reports of incoming snow storms (yes, again, I know!), Spring is here – on our calendars at least! Maybe wearing even more green will conjure the weather to align itself to our monthly seasonal routine?

I’ve talked about the eyes, now let’s talk nails for a moment! Green nails! From simple to intricate, here are 10 green manicures you can wear to celebrate St Patrick’s Day and… Spring!

simple green nails ideas

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