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Supernineties Supermodels Supercomeback

It’s official: the golden era of fashion, golden days of models and modeling is making a statement-comeback this fall.

With some of the heaviest names of the nineties catwalk as spokefaces for some of the heaviest brands, the supermodels still rule the game: Eva Herzigova for Louis Vuitton (photographed by Mert and Marcus), Claudia Schiffer for Chanel (photographed by Karl Lagerfeld) and Salvatore Ferragamo (photographed by Mario Testino), Christy Turlington for Escada (photographed by Patrick Demarchelier), Linda Evangelista for Prada (photographed by Steven Meisel), Stephanie Seymour for Loewe (photographed by Steven Klein), Amber Valetta for Dsquared (photographed by Steven Meisel), David Yurman fragrance (photographed by Peter Lindbergh).

Claudia Schiffer Chanel, Eva Herzigova Louis Vuitton, Christy Turlington Escada, Amber Valetta Dsquared

It’s good news or bad news?
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Why I Loved Sikhounmuong’s J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 Collection!

How to choose your favorite inspiration source for the next Fashion Season when there are so many Fashion Shows, to many gifted designers and so many trends?

I choose with my heart. Sure, my eyes are a huge part of the process and I spend hours going through each Fashion Week’s photos and videos, yet my heart is the decisive factor in steadying for this or that Collection. Below I will detail my absolute crush for the J.Crew Spring Summer 2017 presentation – why I would blindly and compulsively buy every item designed by Somsack Sikhounmuong and his team for the next Season!

jcrew spring summer 2016 presentation

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These Beauties Can Sing: Gisele, Miranda & Keira!

I’m convinced you’ve heard all about Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr both releasing cover songs this week! But have you heard about Keira Knightley releasing her own music? sort of. In a movie. With Adam Levine and Ceelo Greene though! And Mark Ruffallo! (the movie is called Begin Again and looks like the perfect rom-com with a hint of rock’n roll)

Gisele is here, Gisele is there, Gisele is everywhere these day! But so is Miranda Kerr… So before getting to Keira’s singing, let’s see what else do these two supermodels have in common?

Gisele Bundchen Miranda Kerr Keira Knightley singing

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Anniversary Playmate Kate Moss By Mert And Marcus

Playboy marks its 60th anniversary with a tasteful cover featuring Kate Moss as photographed by Mert Allas and Marcus Piggot. A duo widely known and appreciated mainly in fashion circles. Not to mention the legendary British Model, Kate Moss, who, although used to posing more or less clothed, is the first time on the cover of the bunny-eared American Magazine for men.

Just as a throwback, below you have Kate’s cover and, at right, Playboy’s first-ever cover, from 1953, with none the other but America’s darling, Marilyn Monroe. Also dressed in black and looking fairly glamorous against a neutral black and white background, Marilyn’s cover is a hard act to follow for Moss.

Playboy magazine 60th anniversary issue cover first cover

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Gemma Ward Is Pregnant, Due In November!

Suitable for a new week, topics about new life keep flooding the virtual newsroom keeping everyone buzzing the happy bulletins. We talked about Luna Bardem-Cruz, but have you heard about Gemma Ward being pregnant?

If only a couple of months ago, the rumors placed Gemma on the runway, now they made an 180 turn, placing her in the maternity this November when her baby is allegedly due. While we’re completely over the moon with excitement as any new baby is always reason to celebrate, we can’t help but wonder what the fashion future holds next for the beautiful mom-to-be.

oh, and just in case you’re wondering who the happy father is David Letts, also a model whose on and off relationship with the Australian model wasn’t all that promising. But here they are! And here we are, waiting for Gemma’s comeback on a Vogue cover and she’s six months along, so bring on the baby bump pics, thank you! (also in Vogue if possible)

Gemma Ward boyfriend David Letts

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Why Did Lindsey Wixson Cut Her Hair?

While still unspoken and disguised under an appreciable amount of admiration and congratulations, the question on everyone’s minds when a model cuts her hair is ‘whyyyyyy?!!!’. It happened when Karlie Kloss shortened her gloriously long mane and now we’re at it again with Lindsey Wixson’s new haircut.

Ah, yes, she did cut her hair! But, you know, it actually happens to the best of them! Remember young Kate Moss with her short hair in 2001? Or Christy Turlington and Linda Evangelista in 1990? Or even Audrey Hepburn? All these stunning beauties went through a short hair phase. Why? Maybe fashion, maybe just a boost of self confidence, who’s to tell?

But Lindsey Wixson here was kind enough to answer someone who was brave enough to ask ‘the question’: why? Now we all know and realize that since our beloved models look so glammed up all the time, their hair suffers just like ours. So Lindsey’s – who is jut 19, mind you! – cut her hair so short because it was all burnt out. Permed and who-knows-what again as to make it look a totally different texture than her natural hair.

Lindsey Wixson cut her hair

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Naomi Campbell Stunning In Vogue Brazil May 2013

Naomi Campbell may be famously throwing tantrums and mobile phones, but when it comes to putting on a show, the 42yo supermodel is nothing short of fabulous and surreal! Photographed for the May 2013 issue of Vogue Brazil, Naomi strikes some incredibly glamorous and as perfect as humanly possible poses for Tom Munro’s camera.

Her body is as flawless as ever, her star power is still shining high on the fashion sky and everyone is still in love with Naomi, just like in the old glory days! How about that blond hair? Actually, you know what? forget the hair! How about those endless, perfect legs? (hit the jump to see what I’m talking about!)

Naomi Campbell stunning Vogue Brazil May 2013 cover

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H&M Proudly Shows The Olympian Swedish Design Spirit

I saw this story a couple of days ago and really wanted to write about it. Because, as I see it, H&M is one of the most representative brands for Sweden. Next to Ikea, they really put Sweden out on everyone’s maps. I’m always amazed at the amount of inspiration growing out of Sweden and, generally out of all Scandinavian countries. I don’t know what they’re eating, drinking or breathing there, but it surely makes people more creative!

The latest creative H&M project is sports-concentrated as they were commissioned to make the Swedish Olympic and Paralympic teams’ costumes for the 2014 and 2016 games. The collection is comprised of official garments which the teams will wear during the opening and closing ceremonies and also a complete casual range to wear while training and relaxing in the Olympic Village. I rather like the designs and find them pretty catchy. And very Swedish. I like that. And, as always, I admire the Scandinavian creativity!

H M Swedish Olympic Team Uniforms