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Emma Watson In Chanel At National Movie Awards

UPDATE: Alexander McQueen sadly is no longer among us, read more here.

Couldn’t she stick with the Burberry frocks? At least they were somehow far more fitting than this Chanel Alexander McQueen (see update, right after the picture) fairy-dairy dress.

Her stature isn’t really flattered by this gown, not to mention it seems she had an outfit malfunction when one of the straps just gave up standing and fell uncovering Emma. Of course nobody will bring to attention her straight-A month and her upcoming Cambridge studies when something like that comes up. Well, miss Granger.. ahem, miss Watson, keep your Chanel Alexander McQueen on!(see update, right after the picture) Do you like her dress? It fits her? (no matter the dress, you have to agree that the shoes aren’t supposed to be worn on the Red Carpet! They look so cheap!)

Emma Watson Red Carpet London National Movie Awards White Chanel Dress

UPDATE: When it comes to sources, one should always rely on himself. Or on others who really can help. Such is the case with our commentator, Fashion Critic who promptly cleared the Chanel mess. The white dress worn by Emma Watson at the National Movie Awards is signed by Alexander McQueen and part of his Fall 2008 Ready to Wear Collection. Thank you!

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2008 2009 dress
(photos via justjared,


Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2008 2009 Fashion Show

Earth tones, grey shades and nostalgic music. If you needed a reason to depress this fall winter 2008, Burberry Prorsum FW 08 09 will provide it easily.

Skinny shiny flare pants, dark tops and long necklaces matched with what people already called an off-trend – the maxi-bag (being in this case a messenger bag, a far from original style, but nonetheless adorable to me). It’s not ugly, it’s just depressive, dark and dull.(after the picture you can find the entire fashion show clip)

Burberry Prorsum Fall Winter 2008 2009 Collection
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Emma Watson Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Emma Watson is, officially, the next Coco Mademoiselle after Keira Knightley’s uber-skinny reign for two years.

I couldn’t be happier with this news! Not only Emma looks like a normal human being, but she’s also lovely, natural and with a healthy Burberry obsession! There’s also a minor detail – she signed the deal for $6 million! I’m sincerely asking myself what hit the Kaiser for having chosen Emma. Any ideas?

Emma Watson Various Images
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Emma Watson at the Sony Ericsson Empire Film Awards

.. or look how even the perfect Hermione Granger can pull a bad spell!

Looking charming as usual, the sweetest innocent face, all cute and smart, Emma Watson graces everyone attending the Sony Ericsson Empire Film Awards in London with her put together ballerina air.

Emma Watson at the Sony Ericsson Film Award Empire Festival in London

Looking at her you could almost agree with the lack of jewelry… until your eyes block on the left wrist and then on the sandals.

I can understand that she’s having the highest esteem for Burberry, but those sandals, I bet, there were part of either a misspelled charm or the work of a bad wizard. They’re completely out of this movie! Why, Emma, why?

Are you trying a punk-princess look? Did you had a bad day and you sacked your stylist? (if ever?) My eyes hurt when looking at that studded leather cuff and then back at the sandals. I just wish I had a magic wand to fix it all!


Emma Watson Appearance for Vanity Fair Event

First of all – grown up Emma wears a Burberry Prorsum Dress and a Burberry Prorsum Belt and Burberry Prorsum Sandals.

I don’t like the dress (it must be the color and that draped bottom I so dislike) neither do I like the belt (to edgy and yet so dull at the same time) but I like the sandals and the way they make her feet look like.

Emma Watson Burberry Vanity Fair Event
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Valentino, Ferretti Spring 2013 Frozen Ad Campaigns

Now that Christmas is already behind us and we only have New Year’s Eve to look forward to, I’m starting to dream about vivid spring colors, about frilly summer dresses. Which is not all that bad, is it?

But the latest ad campaignsValentino Spring 2013 Ad Campaign and Alberta Ferretti Spring 2013 Ad Campaign look inexplicably winter – ish. Take a look below, at the two houses’ ads side by side and judge for yourself! (the story continues right after the jump, click here for the gallery!)

Valentino Ferretti Spring Summer 2013 ad campaign

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Jason Wu PreFall 2011 Wide Leg Pants

Do you thing there could be something wrong with me since I’m always on the lookout for a better pair of wide leg pants? I promise the ones I showed you a while back are perrrfect! But how can one girl settle with just a single pair of pants?

So, naturally, whenever I see a great getup I might adopt, it’s instantly glued to my retina and I have to share it with you, maybe soften the obsession a bit. Jason Wu’s Pre Fall 2011 collection features an illegally gorgeous pair of wide leg pants I could definitely see fit for me. I’d even throw in the top, for a designer ready made outfit. It’s the fast styling, we all live fast times, just looking at the catwalk pictures suffices to build up outfits in my mind. Now tell me, how do you like Jason Wu’s Pre Fall 2011 pants? (click through, let’s discuss the coat a bit)

Jason Wu PreFall 2011 Wide Leg Pants lace parka

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Miley Cyrus Does Harper’s Bazaar February 2010

If you thought the Emma Watson Summer 2010 Burberry controversy was pretty harsh to begin the year with, then get ready for Miley Cyrus on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, February 2010!

Haven’t seen that one coming, really! But there she is, looking all airbrushed and very Miley… It was an interesting job for the Photo retouching dep – while everyone was photoshopped into a younger appearance. Miley’s airbrushing added years to her face. I know she’s relevant for the young population, but still, Miley Cyrus on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar? (photo via)

Miley Cyrus Harpers Bazaar February 2010 cover

Miley Cyrus Harpers Bazaar February 2010 3

Miley Cyrus Harpers Bazaar February 2010 1 Miley Cyrus Harpers Bazaar February 2010 2