Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall Fashion In Transcendence

Easy to notice, not always easy to identify or to find, some of the items our favorite stars are wearing on the big screen will be reviewed here week after week – in the measure of possible.

Today it’s about ‘Transcendence’ and about a handful of clothes and accessories carefully supervised by the film’s costume department head, George L. Little, and worn by Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall. George L. Little has previously designed the costumes for Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker or Max Payne, none of which excel in fashion but in everyday wardrobe utility.

Transcendence movie fashion Johnny Depp Paul Bettany Rebecca Hall

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These Beauties Can Sing: Gisele, Miranda & Keira!

I’m convinced you’ve heard all about Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr both releasing cover songs this week! But have you heard about Keira Knightley releasing her own music? sort of. In a movie. With Adam Levine and Ceelo Greene though! And Mark Ruffallo! (the movie is called Begin Again and looks like the perfect rom-com with a hint of rock’n roll)

Gisele is here, Gisele is there, Gisele is everywhere these day! But so is Miranda Kerr… So before getting to Keira’s singing, let’s see what else do these two supermodels have in common?

Gisele Bundchen Miranda Kerr Keira Knightley singing

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The 3 New Perfumes You Need: Victoria’s Secret Heavenly, Prada Candy And Blumarine Anna

Looking for a new perfume may be a tricky quest as more and more fragrances try to seduce us with their alluring smell. As we just celebrated Earth Day, two new floral perfumes and (literally) a Heavenly one welcome you on Stylefrizz this week!

Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume with Karlie Kloss Relaunching their most successful fragrance, Heavenly, Victoria’s Secret is pushing for a new image as well. And whilst in the 2000, it was Gisele Bundchen, 2014 is Karlie Kloss’ year.

3 new perfumes for inspiration

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Models And Their Children Advertise Born Free Africa Designers Collection

I know it’s a special time, and along with my warm ‘Happy Easter!’ wishes, hoping you’re getting plenty of love, peace and smiles, I’d like to take this opportunity and bring awareness to a very special campaign: Born Free Africa!

Fashion is giving a helping hand in raising awareness (and, hopefully, more) about preventing the mother-to-baby HIV transmission! Designers (23 women designers who are also mothers), models (women models who are also mothers) and more fashion luminaries (fashion magazines editors, retailers) have joined the Born Free Africa movement: will you?

Born Free Africa facts support

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Pierce Brosnan Watches Identified: A Long Way Down

After a day of research, I finally tracked down the watches worn by Pierce Brosnan in one of his latest movies, A Long Way Down: Jaeger LeCoultre and Ponerai are the two brands of his two watches he’s seen wearing!

I recently discovered that I’m not the only one who enjoys movies not just for the cinematic thrills of the story and the enthralling beauty of the directorial perspective but also because I like tracking down and identifying bits and pieces of the character’s wardrobe. Every week, I’ll do my best to serve you yet another Film Fashion episode and today it’s about ‘A Long Way Down’ and Pierce Brosnan!

A Long Way Down fashion identified watches

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Dare To Wear Red Gate Stitchery’s Stitch Wood Jewelry?

Jewelry with a heart, meaningful decorations – I treasure that in about everything I own and, above all, I feel inspired by arts & crafts made with love!

This week’s Dare to Wear question addresses yet another facet of everyday used materials – wood and colorful thread stitched together with talent and dedication by Susan Fitzgerald, the creator of Red Gate Stitchery. All her charming pieces are handmade and have a modern, authentic look and feel to them!

bamboo jewelry Red Gate Stitchery

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Freja Beha Erichsen For Zadig & Voltaire Capsule Collection

After seeing Kate Moss for Topshop, finding out about Alexander Wang for H&M and Roland Mouret for Banana Republic, how about Freja Beha Erichsen for Zadig & Voltaire?

Before you go arching your eyebrows in a perfect ‘zadig-and-vol-what?’, just think that both Jared Leto and Julianne Hough were reportedly wearing items from Zadig&Voltaire at Coachella last weekend! The new collection which is currently only available on the original French website of the brand, is called ‘Freja meets Zadig & Voltaire’ and counts (so far, at least) 5 pieces!

Freja Beha Erichsen collection with Zadig and Voltaire

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Kristen Stewart Vs. Vanessa Paradis In Chanel Pre Fall 2014 Photographed By Lagerfeld

Remember when Chanel announced that the next spokesperson of the French fashion house will be none the other but Kristen Stewart? She who repeatedly made columnists worldwide exclaim how frozen her expression was and, therefore, how limited her range of interpretation? How could she be a fashion model? How could she interpret fashion when she only has one expression?

With a little help from Karl Lagerfeld and his vision, Kristen turned into a wonderful model for Chanel’s Cowboys and Indians pre – fall 2014 collection! When I saw the images, I admit I was impressed with the styling!

Kristen Stewart Vanessa Paradis styled photographed by Karl Lagerfeld

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