How To Wear The Season’s Hottest Trends: 14 Really Wearable White Shoes

Wedding season is on, so it’s Wimbledon. As mentioned earlier, there’s an all-white dresscode in place at the world’s oldest, most prestigious tennis tournament taking place in England for just one more week.

Maybe as to counterbalance the muddy fields of fabulous Glastonbury Music Festival, the white shoes trend does exist per se, as one of this season’s most significant fashion statements. Most of the ‘latest hour styles’ are, sometimes, unbearable: to wear or to walk in. Still, how about some white shoes worth putting on and walking in? scroll down, there’s plenty to inspire you (starting with the high heels and then going for comfort with more grounded soles)

Wimbledon white trend inspiration

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3 Fashion Magazines Covers: Different But Very Much The Same!

What do Vogue Japan, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Jalouse France have in common? Scroll down and you’ll discover how 3 fashion magazine from far-out corners of the world are extremely different, yet very much alike!

Rihanna was awarded with the 2014 Fashion Icon distinction by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Consequently, she’s pretty much everywhere, and not just because of her scandalous, half-dressed Insta/twit/pics. She holds the cover of Jalouse France June/July 2014 and Harper’s Bazaar Arabia July 2014. Fast-forwarding to fall, Linda Evangelista covers Vogue Japan September 2014!

very similar fashion magazine covers

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How To Wear The Wimbledon Fashion Trend: 14 Stylish White Dresses Ideas!

Like a downplay of the colorful infusion of the FIFA World Cup 2014 which takes place in beautiful Brazil, the classic timeless quality of the world’s most prestigious and longstanding tennis championships, Wimbledon is ongoing in England as we write these lines.

Since 1877, the London grass has seen all and every tennis stars the world had offered and one of the main particularities of this tournament is the all-white clothing for the athletes playing at Wimbledon. The ball boys and girls and the officials are currently wearing cream and blue uniforms from Ralph Lauren, a contract with the designer’s Polo Ralph Laurent label that will end in 2015. Honoring that Wimbledon tradition, here are 14 all-white dresses for your summer consideration (if you’re having doubts, just look at how many celebrities and fashion people chose to wear white in the last couple of days!)

Wimbledon tennis style inspiration

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Here’s Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady’s New York Apartment!

Owning a New York apartment seems like the norm if you can afford it. And Gisele Bundchen, world’s highest paid supermodel and her husband, NFL’s 10th highest paid athlete make the world’s highest paid couple (unlikely, yet true).

Their much buzzed-about mansion in Boston was acquired for $40Million by Dr Dre, days after he inked a $3Billion deal with Apple (selling his ‘beats by Dre’ headphones & more label). Why did they give up the Mansion of their Dreams they spent 4 years in building? Because they plan to make Massachusetts their headquarters from now on (scroll down if you want to see how their upcoming residence looks like on paper). Back to New York and the $14Million apartment Gisele & Tom have in the One Madison building!

Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady new mansion

architectural sketch of Gisele & Tom’s new mansion

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Do We Need The $1,800 DVF Google Glass?

Do you make your living as a vlogger (video-blogger)? Then Google Glass might smooth things out for you! DIY-ers, journalists, athletes and explorers might benefit from this revolutionary gadget proposed by Google.

But since Diane von Furstenberg is backing up the tech project, we asked ourselves repeatedly if fashion can do without the $1,800 eyewear! Can it? It can be wonderful for documenting and interacting, but how beneficial would it be for the general and individual privacy of each and all of us? Fashion doesn’t really need privacy and an over-expensive item such as the Google Glass might be the new range of fashion cool we didn’t see coming! Diane von Furstenberg is not only backing the idea, but also making a series of designs for the Google Glass.

Google Glass Roger Federer Diane von Furstenberg

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10 Facts About Lupita Nyong’O From Her Vogue Cover Story

The US Vogue had everyone talking about their July 2014 issue! And rightfully so since it has Lupita Nyong’o on the cover! The absolute sensation of this year’s Academy Awards, Lupita made her breakthrough in the very emotional movie ’12 Years a Slave’ for which she has received numerous nominations and awards.

But more importantly, for the fashion population, is the sensational fashion marathon Lupita keeps on winning Red Carpet after Red Carpet! Smart, graceful, poised and a perfect blend of dream and reality, Lupita is a model. A role model, a fashion model, an acting model. A game changing woman and professional. Here are 10 things she confessed to Hamish Bowles in her Vogue interview as sustained by fabulous Marrakech-shot imagery signed by photographer Mikael Jansson.

facts about Lupita Nyong o Vogue

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Creative Paper Wedding Dresses From Unusual Materials

Weddings are always different but oddly identical in their true essence. What can really be done differently? The place, the colors, the arrangements, the theme, the dress! Oh, the dress! One of the most exciting and agonizing moments in a wedding’s road to reality, the wedding gown is one of the most interesting and contradictory items.

Many brides want to keep their wedding low-key and discrete while a large number of future brides really want to look like princesses that ‘big day’. Get it? The Big day – the big dress? (I started this story with a brief infographic about the mythical white wedding dress, I hope you enjoy it!)

the wedding dress facts

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L’Oreal Selling A Beauty Cliche With Kirsten Dunst New Ads

Take a moment and think about what you’re after when you’re buying a hair product which reads ‘Beach Waves’. Because Kirsten Dunst is proposing an entire package through L’Oreal’s latest ad campaign.

Super tanned, super luscious, super curved, beautiful Kirsten Dunst appeared to have gained a few extra inches of hair over night (not to mention the tousled waves). Since she’s been named the first spokesperson for L’Oreal Professionel, this is Kirsten’s second campaign for the cosmetics giant and although she’s been appointed in her new mission for who she is, the marketing team behind her campaigns is keen on transforming her into someone else…

Kirsten Dunst L Oreal hair vs real hair

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