30 Shades Of Louboutin Polish: The Nail Lacquer Everyone Is Talking About!

Christian Louboutin has been dubbed a lot of things: from genius pioneer to a merciless commercial visionary taking advantage of clichés to make fortunes (oh, and there were rumors implying that the red soles idea was not even his own).

But the simple truth is that every girl out there dreams of owning (at least) one red-tinted pair of high heels. And since they normally come with a 3-figure price tag, how about something more affordable from the iconic footwear designer? And no, there’s no DIY involved (so far). Something that was actually at the very origins of the legendary red soled shoes?

the only nail polish you need

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The Bra Is Dead, Long Live The Bralette: 5 Simple Reasons Why!

Going bra-shopping can really be an exhausting, demoralizing experience for many women out there! Either because advertising is constantly pushing up (pun intended) the body curves and when the underwire and the padding don’t do, Photoshop will most certainly perfect it!

Bralettes are like your childhood BFF! Naturally close, naturally funny and always trusty. There’s no lying, no cheating but an endless reservoir of careless charm. Lace, cotton, solid color or wild prints, bralettes have it all! and now you have all the simplest reasons to just go with the bralette!

bralette is the new bra

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Famous & Pregnant: Guess Who’s Expecting Next!

The news about Ryan Gosling becoming a father soon took everyone by surprise. And not because they wouldn’t have seen it coming, but because his longtime girlfriend, Eva Mendes, actually did a great job in disguising her pregnancy for over six months.

How could she have been pregnant without the entire world being au courant? By some unwritten, universal law, celebrity needs a mandate from the people in order to get something done. Yes, even children! Ok, so you were really surprised by Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes expecting their first child together! Let’s review who else is pregnant so you get the ‘know-it-all’ advantage in front of the social media (and everyone around you):

Ryan Gosling Eva Mendes Hey Mom

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Red Hair Is En Vogue: From US To Paris, Fashion Loves Redheads!

Once fall sets in, everything gets earthy shades, from head to toes. For those who were lucky enough to be born with a gorgeous auburn hair, this is everyday bliss, for those who ran out in a frenzy to buy Topshop freckle pen this summer, trying to mimic that fantastic fairytale redhead charm, it’s yet another style challenge:

Vogue unanimously declared in the August 2014 issues (US and Paris respectively) that fire red hair is the haircolor of fashion’s elite. At least as far as this year is concerned. For those who were (luckily) born this way, being ‘fire starters’ is a way of life: passionately fashionable.

Julianne Moore with daughter Vogue US August 2014 redheads story

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Why After Goop & Preserve, Anna Wintour Needs Ellen DeGeneres In Vogue!

The title may sound puzzling, but reading these quick, explanatory lines, everything will be much clearer! And funnier.

Ellen De Generes is one of those larger-than-life TV personalities that’s been everywhere from the stand-up scene to the Oscars scene. She’s good at what she does, she’s nice and funny, everybody loves her. And if our facts are right, Anna Wintour secretly loves her too! And not because Ellen was on the cover of Vogue so many times (because she wasn’t. never). Anna should come out with her secret love!

Ellen possible Vogue cover

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Jeneil Williams Goes Dark Glam In German Fashion Magazine

Looking for a refreshing patch of fashion shade to keep those shiny sequins away from the dripping summer sweat? Jeneil Williams is a Dark Glamazon in a German fashion magazine (Madame Germany, July 2014), let’s all take a moment to dip into the ‘Hot Glam’ pictorial!

Photographed by Txema Yeste, styled by Frank Benhamou with hair by Jordi Fontanals and Make-up by Violette, the Hot Glam images of Jeneil are at a fresh crossroad between cliché fashion magazines pictorials, underground style publications, art and commercial appeal.

Jeneil Williams fabulous pictorial

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Heidi Klum And Daughters Wear Matching Looks And High Heels: Good Or Bad?

While there are both pros and cons to the mother-daughter matching outfits debate, one thing in particular could set both camps on the same pace: kids wearing high heels.

Heidi Klum was seen out and about with her kids on countless occasions, however, a couple of times she was photographed with her two daughters: Leni (10) and Lou (5) wearing coordinated looks. It’s a girls thing, a fun wonderful fashion bonding game for both mother and daughters. A couple of days ago, it was all about the shoes! And more specifically, about matching the high heels.

Heidi Klum daughters matching outfits

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The Truth About The Lagerfeld Barbie Doll

Since the news about an upcoming Barbie Karl Lagerfeld was released online, countless social channels started spreading the word and numerous fashion enthusiasts (more or less professionals) were almost jumping up and down with sheer joy, celebrating the wonderful partnership.

Is it, really? Let’s clear out the mystic fashion fog and take a look at the real facts behind the historical collaboration between the world’s most prestigious toy maker, Mattel, and the world’s most proficient fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld!

truth about Lagerfeld Barbie

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