Patti Smith, Big Fashion Dreamer On A Budget

What are your style aspirations? If you’re dreaming of effortless looks, authentic and personal approach to fashion, you’d better get your references right and your role models straight!

There are people who make history and people who observe and report it. Lisa Robinson is one who saw a lot and wrote a lot about music giants. About rock solid entertainers who still deliver quality music from the 60s to present days! About enduring style and fashion so timeless that it can be recognized, admired and followed even after 50 years!

Patti Smith fashionista

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Beauty Hacks Challenge: Only 2 Beauty Products To Replace All Others!

As surreal as it may sound, reading these lines might just convince you that you don’t actually need all those body lotions, fancy shampoos and conditioners after all and your insecurities with regards of using them may leave place to a shy flickering light of freedom!

They say that smart people learn from other’s experience. I didn’t. I had to go through the harsh way of experimenting on my own and finding out that less is definitely more in more ways than I could’ve imagined! This is my beauty confession story and it starts 10 years ago…

natural beauty routine challenge

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Daphne Guinness Evening In Space Video Will Blow Your Mind!

Being a world-renowned fashion muse with an estimated worth of $100Millions, with friends in all the high and right places doesn’t save you from being ridiculous: in other words, Daphne Guinness pulled a Paris Hilton on us!

The 46-year old heiress to the eponymous beer empire is now a complete artist with an upcoming album soon under her belt. Scheduled to launch this September 2014, Daphne’s album has the support of her artsy friends Nick Knight and David LaChapelle with whom she has worked many times before and Tony Visconti (whose collaborations includes David Bowie, among many others – which may be just why this Evening in Space has a distinct Ziggy Stardust feel). Scroll down to see the video!

Daphne Guinness Evening in Space music video

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Karlie Kloss: New Chanel Coco Noir Campaign And New Girlfriend!

This week started out with potentially explosive news about Taylor Swift getting really close to a famous Victoria’s Secret Model. So close that after weeks of being observed everywhere together, they actually moved in the same mansion! Yes, I’m talking about Karlie Kloss! Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss were proudly owning the headlines to the week’s news!

And then… there was nothing! Stories have been taken down because someone, somewhere asked for them to be pulled out. What is it about the Taylor – Karlie story that has to be censored? (hit the jump to see the possible answer)

Chanel Coco Noir Karlie Kloss ad campaign

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The New It Bag: Revolutionary Study Shows Hermes Is Out, CK Is In!

Hermes seems to have suffered of overexposure at such point that recent trends observers have declared that Hermes handbags are not the coolest bags to own and to show anymore! Surprised? – read on!

The people of the Internet have spoken and, during a survey which took over 2 years and included media outlets, forums and blogs, the analysts have concluded that although Hermes still remains one of the most legendary bag-brands, their trend-power is no longer overwhelming, like it was the case some 7 years ago! Could the it-bag trend be finally over – the answer to that question and much more after the jump!

Hermes bags market study

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Easy DIY Chanel Couture Ribbon Sandals For Less!

Every fashion admirer has a real appreciation for the tremendous work and talent displayed in each and all Haute Couture shows, but don’t we all love when we can replicate some of that exquisite style with tools at hand?

Surprisingly, this Fall-Winter 2014/2015 Couture season, some of the most respected and followed designers sent flat sandals on the catwalk, much to the joy of the models. More comfort, less fuss, less tumbles… and more inspiration for us, watching from home. Last season it was all about sneakers, now it’s about ribbon flat sandals and the really simple do-it-yourself guide!

DIY Chanel Couture ribbon sandals

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Haute Couture Embraces Flat Sandals: Chanel & Valentino Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Couture shows are bringing back the flat sandals! In full gladiator mood like Valentino’s romantic ladies or in simple DIY ribbon temptress sandals like Lagerfeld’s Chanel ones.

Dazzling heights seem to be a thing of past seasons while fashion’s most representative maisons keep pushing comfortable footwear season after season. Both Karl Lagerfeld and Raf Simons designed sneakers for their previous Chanel and Dior Couture respective collections. Now it’s time for flat sandals!

Haute Couture flat sandals Chanel Valentino

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Fall Winter 2014 2015 Beauty Trends: Armani Prive Fall 2014

You may have your wardrobe all ready to hit the fall trends, but how about the beauty case? The same update is required as your beauty regime needs a seasonal touch to stay in the fashion first row. Hydration is important, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and get your beauty sleep!

Following the professionals advice, we’re taking notes about the new fall – winter 2014/2015 makeup! Linda Cantello, makeup artist explained how to achieve the Armani Prive Fall 2014 Haute Couture black-and-white theme. Using a pale foundation (like Armani’s Maestro Zero, soon available), add highlights on the cheekbones and eyelids (she used a product which will be available around the Holidays in the Orient Excess Armani range).

Fall Winter 2014 2015 makeup HC Armani Prive

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