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2014 Met Gala Fashion: Beyond Charles James, The Heritage!

When you say Charles James dresses, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? I was little familiar with the grand designer’s work up until Anna Wintour announced the theme of the 2014 Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala theme ‘ Charles James: Beyond Fashion’. As the D-day approached, I was looking more and more into the couturier’s archives, trying to get as much of his fashion as possible.

So the first thing I imagine when I think of a Charles James dress, is a glamorous ballgown with a dramatic sculptured, ample skirt, very pretentious occasions and Haute ladies (do tell me your sartorial vision of Charles James style in the comments, I can’t wait to read them all!)

Met Gala 2014 most beautiful dreses

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2014 Met Gala Fashion Couples You Need To See!

There’s one thing people love more than admiring the Red Carpet fashion, and that’s the actual celebrities walking it! Coupling these two, literally, let’s take tonight’s theme seriously and look ‘Beyond Fashion’ with world’s most watched and talked about couples right now, right here on the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2014 Gala Red Carpet!

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

It was hard to pick a favorite, but the moment these two lovebirds walked the Red Carpet, it was obvious that their magic star would outshine the others. By far! The energy, the fun, there’s nothing standing in the way of this couple’s reigning over the world with their magnetism! They make a youthful, unconventional but fashionable couple on the 2014 Met Gala Red Carpet.

2014 Met Gala couples Emma Stone Andrew Garfield

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Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany, Rebecca Hall Fashion In Transcendence

Easy to notice, not always easy to identify or to find, some of the items our favorite stars are wearing on the big screen will be reviewed here week after week – in the measure of possible.

Today it’s about ‘Transcendence’ and about a handful of clothes and accessories carefully supervised by the film’s costume department head, George L. Little, and worn by Johnny Depp, Paul Bettany and Rebecca Hall. George L. Little has previously designed the costumes for Zero Dark Thirty, The Hurt Locker or Max Payne, none of which excel in fashion but in everyday wardrobe utility.

Transcendence movie fashion Johnny Depp Paul Bettany Rebecca Hall

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Dare To Wear Red Gate Stitchery’s Stitch Wood Jewelry?

Jewelry with a heart, meaningful decorations – I treasure that in about everything I own and, above all, I feel inspired by arts & crafts made with love!

This week’s Dare to Wear question addresses yet another facet of everyday used materials – wood and colorful thread stitched together with talent and dedication by Susan Fitzgerald, the creator of Red Gate Stitchery. All her charming pieces are handmade and have a modern, authentic look and feel to them!

bamboo jewelry Red Gate Stitchery

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10 Fashion Items Identified In Captain America, The Winter Soldier

It’s time for another Films Fashion episode! Much like many of you, we contributed to the box-office success of Captain America this weekend. An action-packed superheroes-packed movie inspired by the many Marvel characters. It’s the second movie about and around Captain America, this time introducing The Winter Soldier as well.

The good Cap is fighting with friends at his side (Fury, The Black Widow and The Falcon) and he gets to save the world. Again. But doing so, requires not only special training (didn’t you notice that all those who save the world are proficient in some kind of martial arts?) but also special costumes. Judianna Makovsky is the head of Costumes department for Captain America, The Winter Soldier.

Captain America the Winter Soldier identified items

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2014 Oscars Red Carpet Advanced Fashion: Meryl, June, Bette, Liza, Goldie, Glenn & More

When you’re at the appropriate age to play someone’s mother or someone’s grandmother, in Hollywood you’re entering another stage of your career. Where you’re joining a long list of very talented actresses who stood the test of time and got better at their game.

This is yet another game they’re really good at: fashion! In the wise words of Ari Seth Cohen whose eponymous blog consistently reports on the silver age of fashion, here’s the ‘advance style’ wonderfully represented on the 2014 Oscars Red Carpet:

Meryl Streep wearing Lanvin black and white ensemble at 2014 Oscars

I’m starting with Meryl not because she’s been nominated 18 times for an Oscar Award, but because she’s my favorite! Her energy, her beauty, her talent and her style has made her a steady reference in my Red Carpet reports throughout the years and events!

Meryl Streep 2014 Oscars wearing Lanvin

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Dare To Wear Butterfly Jewelry By Jewelera?

Looking for unique, custom-made, outstanding jewelry pieces? Look no further, I just found Jewelera for you! Derya Aksoy creates this one-of-a-kind world of wearable art that keeps on fascinating me!

Spring is almost here, so naturally I was looking for amazing jewelry to wear as soon as the winter jacket comes off! Butterflies fluttering with every move or breathe of wind made from printed organza and assembled into ethereal necklaces and earrings are my latest obsession!

I accidentally came across Derya’s Jewelera collection and now I’m under the spell! I could wear her butterflies so many ways, I could decorate the house with them, I could actually give her butterflies to all my friends and family, neighbors and strangers, invade my world with these insanely enchanted jewels!

gorgeous butterfly necklace jewelera

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Women In Tux, Latest Red Carpet Formal Wear Trend!

It took a single evening and a single Angelina Jolie to make the tuxedo a must-wear for every lady who wants to make the best impression while attending an official event. Just like she did when sticking her leg out the leg slit, Angelina set a tuxedo trend we can’t help but notice and note everywhere.

Although I’m a girly girl at heart and I have my eyes set out for the pink and the ruffled dresses, I welcome this power-statement formal wear trend! Let’s see some of the beautiful and famous ones so we can take proper inspiration! The BAFTA Red Carpet, where Angie and Ruth Wilson were my favorite ladies:

elegant suits red carpet Ruth Wilson Angelina Jolie

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