Naomi Campbell Without Makeup Will Leave You Speechless! 14 Stars Join Unicef’s Wakeupcall Challenge

When the ice bucket challenge hit the world, there was hardly any way to go around it. More or less cubes, everyone was getting their fair share of cold water in the name of charity and raising awareness.

Now there’s another movement, less icy, less honest. The ‘Wake Up Call’ challenge demands a makeup-free shot posted on the social media account. Not just any makeup-free, though, the very first after waking up in the morning! All that to raise awareness & donations for Syria and the Syrian Children (through Unicef). People get to nominate three others, just like in the ice bucket challenge. All sounds lovely and very fashion-y, but wait until you see Naomi Campbell!

Cindy Crawford without makeup Wakeupcall

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13 Fashion Pumpkins For A Stylish Halloween!

Come All Hallows Evening , even pumpkins get their own costume! What is your pumpkin wearing this season, is it in or out of trends?

Starting off with what proved to be the most successful animated movie of all times: Frozen! Released in November 2013, Frozen has missed last Halloween so this year we’re about to see a lot of Elsas and Annas, Olafs and whatnots from the white mountains of Arendelle trick or treating straight to our doorsteps! Thusly, you need:

13 fashionable pumpkins for stylish halloween

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5 Reasons Why Skin Foundation Is Wrong For You!

These are just the first five reasons militating against the use of foundation. Sure, every perspective is subjective and open for debates. But if the scientific proves included in this story would make you as much as flinch with a spark of doubt, don’t let go: try investigating the matter, you’d be surprise what you can find out about the beauty industry and its consumers!

The world we’re living in is ruled by fear, insecurities, lies! Let’s make a revolution! Let’s make that change, like Michael Jackson said – starting with the (wo)man in the mirror! Are you ready to really look at yourself and make that change? Why? Well, because…

reasons why you should stop using foundation

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Hilary Swank Cropped Fashion Disaster For Homesman

How would you dress for a special comeback in the spotlight after a long absence? With your finest, wouldn’t you? Someone page Hilary Swank and tell her to ditch her stylist! She walked the Red Carpet after nearly 3 years of notable absence proudly wearing a complete fashion disaster!

Attending the premiere of her latest movie ‘The Homesman’ (written and directed by the grand Tommy Lee Jones), Hilary Swank felt a trendy/hipster urge and chose a Delpozo creation from the Spring Summer 2015 collection. Lovely colors, artistic (inspired by Josef Albers’ art), more-than-decent length but a mess overall!

Hilary Swank fashion disaster Red Carpet 2014

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Learn Fashion In 10 Simple Steps!

How hard can fashion be? People learn how to build and master space rockets every year or so and we can’t learn how to master the fashion of clothing we’re using every day of our lives?

Reading these lines may prove to be an eye-opened for those who struggle with the ‘mysteries’ of fashion land and a confirmation for those who had their doubts all along! Being fashionable will never be easier and dressing up in the morning is going to look more and more like a playing dress-up when you were 5!

How to learn fashion and find your style

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The Smartest, Simplest Way To Identify The Perfect Jeans For You!

When you can put the skinny jeans rage behind you and really embrace the diversity and the true comfort of denim, you’re readier than you’ve ever been to find the perfect pair of jeans for your body!

No label, no brand, no advertising will sell you that pair of jeans better than really listening to your body and its needs! If you’re uncertain about certain aspects of your stylish life, take a moment to read this story here to find out how to take out the hassle of trends and changing-fashion from your blessed life!

easiest smartest way to identify perfect fitting jeans

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10 Simple Style Rules You Should Embrace Right Now!

From your family and your friends – these are the style tips everyone should’ve taught you while growing out. The rules and principles of styles will help you and guide you on your fashion way to becoming a stylish individual! (yes, these do apply to men as well)

Keeping you safe from harm, straight into the arms of classic and sophisticated fashion, these are the essential style tips you’ll need to live on from this day forward! Call it your style education graduation, call it your fashion epiphany – read carefully, follow instantly and your fashion life will change! YOU will change!

10 style rules for a stylish lady

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Esquire Magazine Shockingly Offensive With New Penelope Cruz Issue!

Looking away from the newsstand may bring out the best in you and the worse in the newsstand in question. Esquire Magazine has gone out and proclaimed Penelope Cruz as the Sexiest Woman Alive.

When did that happen? How? Let’s see Esquire’s standards for crowning this Spanish actress with their highest honors! By dictionary definitions, sexy implies that the person with that attribute is provocative, tempting, interesting, stimulating, passionate, intriguing and so on. However, modern times have plastered the sexy label on a number of things that aren’t humans – cars, shoes, bags, and so on.

Basically, sexy has become the verbal cliché for people trying hard to sound interesting. The word’s essence has diluted so much that is almost no impact at all – middle schoolers generously flatter each-other with that word!

Penelope Cruz cleavage cover Esquire

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