It’s Ok To Be Imperfectly Dressed!

You know all those theories about individuals trying to break free from all the clichés of their upbringing? Have you ever tried the freeing technique from outside in? Like freeing from your wardrobe?

Feeling guilty has become so much part of our existence that we can actually spend more of our time feeling guilty than happy – and that includes our wardrobe as well! Guilty individuals are never really free. To express themselves, to really be themselves and to enjoy themselves! What if we’d change that? Let’s take one of the latest examples into consideration: Gisele Bundchen completely uncovering her statuesque self on the cover of Vogue Brasil May 2015 – scroll down to see her!

it s ok to be imperfectly dressed

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China: Through The Looking Met Glass

Although my house and my life are overwhelmed by ‘made in China’ labels, when it comes to the actual Chinese culture, I’m humbled and have really no idea where to begin and how to approach this fabulous phenomenon!

I know what I won’t do, however: I will restrain myself from taking lightly this 2015 Met Gala (very) Red Carpet! There were many fabulous interpretations of this year’s Costume Institute exhibition and I would love to mention all of them! I’ve selected a handful of representative elements as worn by celebrities in attendance and I’m kicking things with Sarah Jessica Parker’s Philip Treacy headpiece!

Sarah Jessica Parker dress Met Gala 2015 Philip Treacy hat

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DIY Easiest, No Sew Flower Spring Summer Headband How To!

Remember I told you something about popcorn when I did my last headband for the girls in my daughter’s dance class? Yep, it’s the pearls and flowers headband and they snapped the elastic and made the pearls pop?

That was the moment I told myself I would only make headbands with sewn flowers instead of glued. To prevent the ‘popcorn’ effect! Well, I came up with something better instead: a no-sew, no-glue DIY flower headband! How’s that for child-proofing? Huh? Read on to discover how to make a gorgeous spring summer headband for girls and women alike!

diy easy no sew flower headband

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Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Fashion Items: What They Wear!

Another year, another Marvel movie! And we all love our superheroes, don’t we? Especially when all the supers are gathered in one superfilm! While we can’t have the powers, we can at least have the clothes? Where possible!

You might remember from past movies, besides manifesting an unshattered passion for the big-screen movies, I also love scooping up and unearthing what the actors wore and the fashion items their characters had in their wardrobes, just like I did for Captain America TWS! In another life, I would’ve made a feisty costume designer (wink)! Talking about…

Avengers 2 Age of Ultron what they re wearing

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4 Reasons Why Wearing Oversized Clothes Changed My Life!

I can now finally say goodbye to all those lost minutes trying to check out the sizing labels and for the agonizing hours spent in fitting cabins: my perfect size to wear is oversize!

Of course restrictions do apply and not every clothing item can be subjected to that over-rule. However, as my general wardrobe principle, oversize works in most cases and occasions! I’m sharing this personal style discovery because I think you may benefit from this piece of fashion wisdom and get all relaxed, save time and money when it comes to putting together a fitting wardrobe!

how to change your life with your clothes size

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Dare To Wear Fabulous Headpieces By Posh Fairytale Couture?

I love me a good headpiece! And I love creative, innovative people that spark my imagination and inspire me to listen to my heart and go beyond my comfort zone.

Wandering, looking for something really interesting to show you, I came across Posh Fairytale Couture! You should definitely see what Rachel is creating! Her headpieces are spectacular on all levels and while the rest of us are struggling to tame a bow headband, she’s taking a headpiece to an art stage worthy of Haute Couture Shows!

feathered headpiece posh fairytale couture

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Healthy Eating: Fat Free & Gluten Free Salad

Have you tried mixing a salad just because the colors go together well? I did and I came up with this salad I’m obsessed with for the past couple of days: my Fat Free & Gluten Free Rainbow Salad! Take a look below and tell me if the name fits!

I’ve developed an unknown allergy that’s keeping me busy itching for days. During those days (like now, for instance) I try to eat as healthy as possible, as allergen-free as possible. Which is really adventurous in an active household with four kids! But back to the salad!

colorful healthy salad

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DIY Stuart Weitzman Inspired Fringe Sandals

If you did your homework (or read Stylefrizz lately), you know that the fringe is in this year! I’m a girl of many shoes (not) and I always tend to treasure and transform rather than get on a shopping binge each season.

I had this pair of high heeled sandals I could easily adapt for the new ‘trends’ and I hope this will inspire you to update your wardrobe on a budget! It may sound complicated, tuning onto the last trends, but you’ll have to take my word for it: fringe-ing the sandals you already own may be easier than actually shopping for a new pair!

fringe heels diy black and white

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