10 Fabulous Indie Bags You Should See!

It all starts with a need: so I went out a couple of days ago (date night) and I was wearing this completely fabulous 70s getup with a micro mini denim skirt and a paisley shirt, my favorite suede sandals and I couldn’t find a single handbag to match the look!

By the time I finished searching, my closet was thrown out all over the bedroom floor and I had to stomp over a stew of dresses, tees and such spiced generously with belts, scarves and bags. All that for nothing – I had not found the right bag so I settled for a small multicolored Peruvian bag. And promised myself I would turn the internet upside down for the right bag to wear! Long story short, here’s what I found and I need to share – fabulous handbags, completely off the mainstream radar:

10 fabulous indie bags to wear

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DIY Summer Watermelon Headband

Oh, Summer! How I love thee! The hot weather, the fancy sandals, the pool parties and long nights outdoors, the boho dresses, the sweet fruits, the gorgeous flowers and matching headpieces!

I’ve done so many flower crowns, so many cute headbands in bloom – how about some fruity ones for a change? Watermelon headbands are so cute and fun for grown ups and tiny tots, watermelon bows are easy to do and perfect for summer hairdos! Below you’ll see how I chose to do my Watermelon headband, that’s not to say it’s the only way to craft this fun headpiece! Au contraire – it’s your head, your vision, your tastes! I just hope to inspire you to get creative!

how to summer watermelon headband

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s Panerai Watch And Aviator Sunglasses Survive San Andreas Fault

Right in the middle of an action-packed scene in an abundantly graphic and fast movie you focus in on just one item on the big screen: a watch. From that close-up moment on, the movie has a new meaning and you find a new drive to go through every scene and every detail: more images of the watch in question.

Ok. It might be just me? Or not? Anyway – with Summer come a handful of jampacked action movies and although I do not favor the type, Natural Disasters (or Alien Invasions) are among those year after year! The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) headlines San Andreas directed by Brad Peyton. I won’t spoil the action plot – but I will say this much: San Andreas’ Dwayne The Rock Johnson is wearing a Panerai Luminor 1950 Submersible Watch!

San Andreas movie The Rock watch sunglasses

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3 Body Myths Debunked By Celebrities: Serena Williams, Elle MacPherson, Caitlyn Jenner

As we live our lives as social animals, we’re not only fighting our inner demons but also the ones society inflicts on us from early childhood. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot, read a lot about how you’re supposed to behave, what you’re supposed to say and how you’re supposed to live your life.

Because – isn’t it – the old wisdom rules the world. What if the old wisdom ruled the old world and we should open our eyes and hearts to feel how the old wisdom can make the new world better! Fashion and life, style and method: what were you told so far? Scroll down to see if you’re familiar with the following 3 myths!

what makes beauty

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Haute Couture Fall 2015 Viktor&Rolf, Maison Margiela Deliver True Fashion Collections

At some point in our history, fashion stopped being an expression. At some point in our preferences, fashion became a selfish act. At some point in our habits, fashion became a media-inflicted addiction. At some point in our future, fashion should return.

And for that, we can get help! For all those who feel lost in trends, disoriented in translating catwalks, dizzy in sifting through stores offerings I say: there is hope! Fashion is still alive! Somewhere deep inside each of our hearts, true fashion is still alive! Today I give you John Galliano and Rolf Snoeren & Viktor Horsting! The Fall 2015 Haute Couture is upon us, let’s close our eyes and open our hearts to fashion!

Viktor and Rolf Haute Couture Fall 2015 gallery

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Ralph Lauren’s Wimbledon Ball Boys And Girls Look Dull

Wimbledon is not only the oldest tennis tournament and the most prestigious but also the only Grand Slam on grass court! Quite the particularities for the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club’s tennis tournament, wouldn’t you agree?

Even the general rules aren’t bent at Wimbledon: all the players must wear white. All white from head to toes! Although most of world’s tennis tournaments have long changed and forgotten the all-white-equipment, there’s not possible to get away without a warning on Wimbledon’s green grass court if your tennis getup is less than 90% white! But that rule doesn’t apply to the Ball Boys and Girls, though! For 9 years, the Wimbledon officials and Ball Boys and Girls are dressed by Ralph Lauren!

Wimbledon 2015 ball boys and girls

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What Is Fashion To You?

How do you feel about Fashion? And how is Fashion making you feel? Did you ever take the time to honestly look inside yourself and really find yourself amid all the trends and trending topics? All the must-haves and IT-products, all the must-do lists and don’t-miss stuff?

After all the years I’ve been a freelance fashion writer /journalist /blogger /reviewer /trendsetter /tastemaker /whatever, I took the proverbial time to eat, pray, love and find my fashion self. It took a while, it took many inner conflicts and questioning but I think I got it! Here’s my Fashion Freedom Declaration!

fashion inspiration

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Stripes For Your Home: Lemlem & Anthro

Remember the gorgeous Liya Kebede? Besides looking down on us, mortals, from skyscraper-sized ad billboards and caressing the catwalks with her feline demarche, she’s also involved in countless charities and militant activities besides being an actress and a mother! However, it’s not about all that today: it’s about your home and how you can ethically decorate it with Lemlem!

Lemlem – you may remember we talked about this brand a while back when highlighting the Born Free campaign – is proudly ‘Made in Ethiopia’, supporting the local weaving tradition and hard hand work of local weavers. Going beyond the clothes and accessories for both women and kids, Lemlem by Liya Kebede now extends into homewear (with a little help from Anthropologie).

Liya Kebede Lemlem Ethiopia

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