What Style This Fall: Bohemian Or Military?

Out of the many style suggestions and catwalk models proposed by the talented designers for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016, let’s narrow it to two timeless approaches: Bohemian and Military!

Of the two, what would you choose? Who knows, you may even have it in your closet and you’ll save yourself the splurge for something else! So far, you’ve received a fair share of emails with fall collections from your favorite stores and you may have you heart set on some items, but before you click on buy, read below, it may help you make your best decision:

fall fashion trends report stylefrizz

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Dare To Try Comfortable And Fashionable Shoes!

Audrey Hepburn, Jean Shrimpton – what do they have in common besides their excellent flair for style and an outstanding level of professionalism? (among others) they both loved and wore extensively the iconic original sandal created by Dr Scholl back in the sixties!

I’ve been a loyal fan of practical comfort – you’ve read my accolades for a new Birkenstock collection, now I’ll keep it grounded with a new story about comfortable shoes that are unbelievably comfortable: DrScholl’s, the iconic wood-soled footwear brand is adding amazing new designs to its classic original collection: scroll down to see why I’m so enthusiastic about!

stylish comfortable shoes Audrey Hepbrun Jean Shrimpton

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Eyelashes: Curlers Vs Extensions What To Choose?

As you’ve probably noticed already, I was born with naturally thin & short eyelashes. Cause for permanent sorrow since I always chose to accentuate my eyes when I was wearing makeup.

And that doesn’t happen too often nowadays, but that’s ok, I’m comfortable with who I naturally am. It took me a while, but that’s another episode we’ll (maybe) get into one day. After trying too many mascaras, too many castor oil masks and cosmetic regenerators on my eyelashes, I finally got to the big question: Should I get Lashes Extensions or stick only to my eyelashes curler? Since some of you are also contemplating the same question, scroll down to see the pros&cons and the eyelashes math!

eyelashes curlers vs extensions what to choose

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DIY Vintage Lace Wedding Veil With Crystals

What’s a wedding for you? Of course, I’m talking fashion-wise and diy-wise and… you know, style-wise in general – so you may want to skip the champagne bubbles talk… Here, I’ll help you:

To me, a wedding is a special celebration of love. As such, it should be about l.o.v.e. and not about anything else (including pleasing the MIL or the distant cousins who just flew in extra miles to see you exchanging vows). Focus on that celebration and you’ll be gorgeous even if you’ll wear an outrageously environment unfriendly plastic bag for a dress!

I’ve been asked by a friend to help out with a wedding… With a bride’s veil and the Godmother’s head piece as well.
Honestly, I thought I would f-up royally, but it ended up being the closest to Haute Couture I’d ever get, so…

head lace vintage veil

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Social Media Changed Fashion: Good Or Bad?

‘Fashion used to be so easy back in the day’ is becoming a defining phrase for another generation! Remember when SATC’s (original) Carrie famously said that she used to buy Vogue instead of food because it felt it fed her more?

Yeah, well… not anymore! Fashion’s on-paper media feel so antiquated, it should change the newsstand for auction houses & collectors markets! It’s like relying on the landline telephones when everyone is using smartphones. But who’s taking Vogue’s place in the trendsetters elite? Social media! Instagram & Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat! How’s fashion now that different from ‘back in the day’:

fashion social media

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DIY Tassel Earrings Inspired By Lanvin Fall Winter 2015 2016

Come fall, you’ll see an abundance of tassels and fringes. Because, they say, the bohemian spirit is taking fashion by storm – hence today’s DIY tassel earrings inspired by Lanvin FW 2015 collection. You’ll also notice a pronounced tendency to let go of the ‘trends’. As we know them, the trends are fading away. Instead, a new ‘trend’ is rising: the typology.

That’s basically an ID for each of the women fashion is designing for this season – as such, I’ve seen references to ‘the Lolita’ or the ‘Fashion Nun’ for this fall’s main style directions. The trends are dead, long live the trends! Euh – deontological ethics aside, let’s focus on the tassel earrings!

diy Lanvin inspired tassel earrings

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10 Fabulous Indie Bags You Should See!

It all starts with a need: so I went out a couple of days ago (date night) and I was wearing this completely fabulous 70s getup with a micro mini denim skirt and a paisley shirt, my favorite suede sandals and I couldn’t find a single handbag to match the look!

By the time I finished searching, my closet was thrown out all over the bedroom floor and I had to stomp over a stew of dresses, tees and such spiced generously with belts, scarves and bags. All that for nothing – I had not found the right bag so I settled for a small multicolored Peruvian bag. And promised myself I would turn the internet upside down for the right bag to wear! Long story short, here’s what I found and I need to share – fabulous handbags, completely off the mainstream radar:

10 fabulous indie bags to wear

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DIY Summer Watermelon Headband

Oh, Summer! How I love thee! The hot weather, the fancy sandals, the pool parties and long nights outdoors, the boho dresses, the sweet fruits, the gorgeous flowers and matching headpieces!

I’ve done so many flower crowns, so many cute headbands in bloom – how about some fruity ones for a change? Watermelon headbands are so cute and fun for grown ups and tiny tots, watermelon bows are easy to do and perfect for summer hairdos! Below you’ll see how I chose to do my Watermelon headband, that’s not to say it’s the only way to craft this fun headpiece! Au contraire – it’s your head, your vision, your tastes! I just hope to inspire you to get creative!

how to summer watermelon headband

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