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Leo DiCaprio’s Girlfriend, Toni Garrn New Haircut For Vogue Paris

Spring is here and much like the renewing nature around us, we might consider a new haircut (hairstyle and haircolor might be thrown in the change game as well). The bob still reigns supreme in the it haircuts top as Vogue Paris follow in the footsteps of US Vogue with yet another Victoria’s Secret model going for the chop. Live! (people get so tired of reality tv, now they want reality magazines even for fashion updates!)

Remember when Karlie Kloss new hair got no less than 6 pages in the US Vogue January 2013 issue? Well, here’s Toni Garrn who got a handful of photos in a messy bob pictorial for Vogue Paris April 2014.

Toni Garrn new haircut Vogue before after

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Fall Fashion Top 5 Trends: Grunge To Glam Anja Rubik, Vogue Paris

It’s been a while since we last talked about Anja Rubik, hasn’t it? Well, I talked about Gemma Ward, about Diane Kruger, so let’s see what another one of my favorite models has been up to lately.

As Emmanuelle Alt got us used to, her Vogue Paris issues pages usually belong to the same familiar faces. For August, Daria Werbowy takes the cover but Anja Rubik has the most interesting pictorial in my perspective. Practical and spectacular fashion rolled into the same photo session – what’s not to like?

also: this may very well be considered Vogue Paris’s way of paying a modest tribute to the notable baby event rocking the British Royal House this moment as almost every pictorial (including the cover) alludes to UK’s Royal Baby joy (don’t stop here, hit the jump to see the outfits!)

Fall fashion main trends lace and leather grunge to glam

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Anja Rubik Swimsuit Vision: Vogue Spain Vs Vogue Paris

Anja Rubik seems to be a fixture in fashion magazines worldwide, especially when the swimsuit season arrives. There’s something about her in a swimsuit that inspires fashion editors beyond compare. She must look good with her tan on and little else, by summer style standards.

So there we are, talking about Anja and her Vogue features. She’s on the cover of Vogue Spain June 2013 and also gracing one of the main pictorials of Vogue Paris June/July 2013 issue. While in Emmanuelle Alt’s vision and Mario Sorrenti’s lenses, Anja looks like she always does (at least as far as Vogue Paris is concerned, Anja’s styling is pretty much the same in every pictorial be it for summer, winter or any other season’s issues), Vogue Spain tried to change perspectives a bit. And might have succeeded.

Anja Rubik Vogue Paris vs Vogue Spain swimsuit

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Sea, Sun, Sandy Model: Andreea Diaconu Vogue Paris June 2013

Did I already tell you that I’m a summer child? Of course I did. I keep bragging about it during the hot days and whining about it during the cold months. Now that it’s warm outside and I’m approaching my Bday, my mind only wanders on warm sandy beaches, carelessly ignoring the sunscreen and the prolonged sun exposure warnings. In my mind I set my own rules and walk endlessly on the hot sand of my imagination.

Emanuelle Alt can’t be just as free as I am in my mind. Or in my life for that matter. Her existence is controlled by advertisers and whatnots, constantly dictating her what to do, when or how to do it. What? you weren’t naively thinking that we, mere consumers, would really control Emmanuelle Alt’s decisions as editor chez Vogue Paris? Or Anna Wintour’s for that matter!

As such, I suggest we embrace and make the most of this already cliché June/July cover of Vogue Paris as photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Andreea Diaconu is a lovely young lady, from what I could see of her walking runway after runway, a professional model, well deserving the attention. Too bad everyone will compare her cover with last year’s Gisele’s. Which was also about a gorgeous model wrapped up in warm sand on a sunny beach somewhere…

beach ready Andreea Diaconu June July 2013 Vogue Paris


Freja Beha Erichsen Back In Vogue Paris May 2013

Call it my denial moment: I’m trying hard to concentrate on fashion news, shallow, and insipid fabric related bits in time and space. The big covers for the May 2013 issues have appeared, let’s talk about them, please, I’ve had enough of bloody pictures of senseless, brainless, pointless violence (my heart goes out to the Boston Marathon victims and their families)!

Did you notice that Freja Beha Erichsen was absent for the last catwalk season? Did you notice that she just freed herself from pictorial engagements for almost a year? Time is nothing but a written notion in fashion. Fabric-less, substance-less, meaningless.

However, beyond marking her comeback, this Vogue Paris May 2013 has nothing working in its favor. The pose is as strange as it gets, I can’t even tell which of her legs is up and the dress she’s wearing looks like a shredded bin of tissue paper glued randomly on granny’s black tulle dress. Of course it looks very eighties and ‘n’importe quoi’ but chic and couture? like the cover is saying? Not a chance! Overall – a cover mess. But then again, I may just be in a darker mood today…

Freja Beha Erichsen back in Vogue Paris May 2013


Erin Wasson Maria Reiche Nazca Homage, Vogue Paris April 2013

It’s not everyday that we get to see a true homage for a true geek in a true fashion magazine! Also, it’s not everyday that we get to see Birkenstock tongs or Hawaianas flip-flops in an haute fashion spread!

Erin Wasson’s pictorial in Vogue Paris April 2013 is my favorite (ever) pictorial with Erin and also one of the most beautiful stories from this Peru tribute issue. Les Lignes de Nazca – The lines from Nazca represent just what the titles is suggesting – a way of blending fashion and Nazca history in a most harmonious, linear, tasteful manner!

With a little help from Mario Testino’s artistic lenses and Anastasia Barbieri’s styling talents.

Vogue Paris Testino Nazca pictorial Erin Wasson

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Kate Moss Vogue Paris April 2013 Testino Pictorial: Cover Material

Remember we discussed Vogue Paris April 2013 and more specifically the wasted potential of what could’ve been a glorious cover&cover story: Isabeli Fontana photographed by Mario Testino in an issue about Peru and its wonders.

At the time, we also found out that Kate Moss was in the said issue, also photographed by Mario Testino, also highlighting the Peruvian treasures. I was so curious to see the inside goodies so when I finally got around to peak at the pictorials previews, I was stunned: Kate Moss is definitely cover-material. The only reason I can accept her not being on the cover of this issue is that the highly esteemed fashion people want to see ‘change’ at all costs, even if it means unconvincing covers like Isabeli’s here.

Kate Moss Vogue Paris April 2013 by Testino

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Isabeli Fontana And Vogue Paris Take You To Peru With Testino, April 2013

Remember how enthusiastic I was about that special issue of Vogue Spain guest – edited by Mario Testino? It was truly a great example of what a fashion magazine can be, in my opinion. From the cover inwards, that was a flawless issue!

As opposed to that, Isabeli Fontana covering the Vogue Paris April 2013 issue, also photographed by Mario Testino and somewhat dedicated to Mario and his native Peru, isn’t all that appealing. But maybe it’s only meant to charm the French fashion eyes and not the outsiders fashion amateurs as it seems to be a very intimate issue in which Testino shares his personal favorite Peruvian spots and hangouts, treasures and hideaways.

Isabeli Fontana Vogue Paris April 2013 Testino cover

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