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Models Before And After Part 5

And here we are at the last part of the series “Models before and after makeup”. Let’s see the seven beauties ending this little experiment.

Josephine Meckseper arrived at 7.51pm and at 8.48pm with a Gucci Dress she was ready for the after makeup pose wearing just Shu Uemura Rouge 4 in shimmery red wine.

Josephine Meckeseper Before and After Makeup
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Models Before And After Part 4

This is the fourth episode of the mini-series showing each and every one of us the face behind the model.

They’re beautiful, but naturally. Makeup only enhances what nature proudly gifted. So here’s Carolina Irving arriving at 5.36pm and blossoming at 6.49pm with skin Care by Stella McCartney and calming and soothing elixir wearing a Boss Black Cape and a TSE Sweater.

Carolina Irving Before and After Makeup
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Models Before and After Part 3

I guess it’s my way to relate to the fashion weeks without getting too much into.

This is the third episode of the series Models Before and After with another set of seven gorgeous girls that walk the runway especially photographed without make-up and then arranged for photo shoot. So here we go again:

Diana Dondoe Before and After
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Models Before and After Part 2

This is the second part of the series Models: Before and after. In the first one I was just wondering how many people, how many times felt envy or felt disapproval when talking about models and the way they rule their life.

Since I said it was meant to be a series, here’s for today’s episode Doutzen Kroes at 10.28am and the same Doutzen wearing nothing more than L’Oréal True Match Foundation in natural ivory with Endless Kissable Lipstick in lover’s coral for 11.04am.

Doutzen Kroes Before and After
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Models Photographed Before and After Makeup

Today, Valentine’s Day, I give you another series – Models Before and After – starting out with, logically, the first episode.

Models. How many times we fancy about them? About their life, their opportunities, their clothes? How many numerous times we judge them? Their life, their choices, their looks?

This is not of them too many judgments. This is just a series of photos showing you the normal person behind the model.

Models Before and After V Magazine
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Dare To Try Comfortable And Fashionable Shoes!

Audrey Hepburn, Jean Shrimpton – what do they have in common besides their excellent flair for style and an outstanding level of professionalism? (among others) they both loved and wore extensively the iconic original sandal created by Dr Scholl back in the sixties!

I’ve been a loyal fan of practical comfort – you’ve read my accolades for a new Birkenstock collection, now I’ll keep it grounded with a new story about comfortable shoes that are unbelievably comfortable: DrScholl’s, the iconic wood-soled footwear brand is adding amazing new designs to its classic original collection: scroll down to see why I’m so enthusiastic about!

stylish comfortable shoes Audrey Hepbrun Jean Shrimpton

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Fashion Lies: Kerry Washington Without Makeup And Karlie Kloss With Bra

In a world where we wouldn’t all first judge on appearance, this headline (and following story) wouldn’t have been possible. However, trying to bend the rules demands a swift play and twist on the rules. Today we look beyond covers and ad campaigns. Let’s go to the source of Kerry Washington’s new Allure cover and Karlie Kloss’s Nike advertorial.

Allure November 2014 has a special cover girl: Kerry Washington. Known (lately) as Olivia Pope in her new TV hit show Scandal, Kerry is one of today’s most appreciated actresses, thus a potential role model. Bringing her on a magazine cover with the ‘no-makeup’ label has a heavy impact on the audience. Makeup and photo-retouching have been around in fashion and beauty for longer than we remember, so it’s always major to have someone breaching that ground rule.

appearance beauty quote

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World’s Hottest Models Change Their Hairdo: Should We Follow?

Granted, we may not have a six-page pictorial in Vogue magazine like Karlie did, but a change of hairdo makes for many Vogue pages in our day-to-day lives as we end up feeling like a star (in the best hair case scenario) or like a rebel (when our hair is fighting the cut).

Today we learn that two of the world’s most appreciated models have changed their hairdo and we’re now left with the inevitable dilemma: ‘to change or not to change, that is the question!’. Hopefully the following lines will help you get a clearer perspective on the hair matter before the Holidays festive season!

hottest models new hairdos

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