The Missing Nail: $12,000 For A Single Fake Nail Worn By Lady Gaga

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Last I heard from Lady Gaga she was still recovering after her hip surgery and walked around in absurdly expensive, opulent chairs (try made of gold) and I think I spotted her at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower… But laying low has its advantages as one of Lady Gaga’s fake nails was just auctioned off for appx $12,000.

One. Nail. $12,000. Sure, the auctioneer also received a few pictures from the tour in which Lady Gaga wore the said acrylic nail and a ‘Born this Way’ tour shirt. The nail was allegedly recovered from stage by one of the crew members and then auctioned off on ArtFact.

To each job its benefits… Stage-diggers should be classified as such and receive praise for recovering artfacts from our living artists! They should invent fake skin so that everyone may get the chance (for the appropriate sum, biensur) to slip under Gaga’s or Beyonce’s skin or whoever else you admire…

lady Gaga fake nail auctioned off for 12k

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