LG, Ewan McGregor And The $16,000 TV!

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I was watching out for Ewan McGregor news because I heard about a certain sequel project being considered, a sequel to one of my favorite movies ever, Trainspotting. Ewan McGregor was part of the amazingly talented cast starring in the original movie, all the way back in 1996.

But instead of reading about that, I read that Ewan McGregor partnered up with LG to promote their Home Entertainment line. More specifically their new range of curved OLED television screens (in Australia). The first one he launched was a $13,500 set, the first from a series that is supposed to revolutionize the home entertainment.

I won’t bother you with technical specifications, but I really think it takes a Jedi’s powers to convince people that spending $16,000 on a TV set is the next evolutionary step in fun-at-home!

Ewan McGregor for LG

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#1 Ellington on 05.09.13 at 10:28 am

More gadgets! Hock those wares Ewan!
I adore Ewan! I was watching “A life less ordinary”, that was my first foray into watching Ewan, (Train Spotting does not interest me at all), last night and it is a film that always makes me laugh and smile and I adore the soundtrack.
I also love him because he played my favourite Jedi Master! : )

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