Halle Berry’s Cloud Atlas Interview Germany November 2012 Cover

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I saw this cover hours ago and it’s still with me. In my mind. Halle Berry’s Interview Germany November 2012 cover is beyond charming. It’s downright amazing!

I’m having troubles saying what exactly seduced me: the natural hair? The very feminine but still reserved pose, the contrast of the jewelry against her skin? The Tom Ford – ish red nails… All that and a retro charm make me love Halle’s Interview and wish for the best inside pictorial as well! Just to set things straight – Halle is starring in a new movie scheduled for release in just a couple of days (Cloud Atlas) so I’m naturally inclined to believe that this cover, although dreamy, it’s pure marketing. {photography Sean and Seng; via}

Halle Berry beautiful Interview Germany November 2012 cover

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