Ridley Scott Produced Lady Gaga’s Fame Video

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Do you remember the times when Marilyn Manson was doing these edged – up videos that wouldn’t play on music channels but after a certain hour of the day? Oh, boy! It seems like another life altogether!

Now I was in some waiting room, waiting (duh!) and the TV in the corner was on some music channel. For the 30 minutes or so I waited there, I don’t recall seeing any female participant at or singing in a music video with a complete set of clothes on (pants, top etcetera). They were all singing in their undies! Pardon my lack of TV / musical culture, but compared to that, Marilyn Manson was a shy schoolboy!

I’ll cut this short, I fear my kids will read me one of these days and cease to communicate with me, labeling me with “antique” and moving on. But really? Lady Gaga’s Fame? Puh-lease! Don’t tell me you’re taking her seriously! Janet Jackson’s videos were better, and that’s from 16 years ago! Where’s the evolution? Where’s the riot of the new generation’s music revolution? Here, you know what? I’ll get over the disappointment of seeing Ridley Scott’s name in this (his label produced the video). After the jump, watch Scream! And then think Gaga is changing things around with her Fame… (oh, and if you think you can take edgy, you can try your hand with a little taste of old – school edge with Marilyn Manson’s Beautiful People here)


#1 Diyana on 08.15.12 at 2:57 am

I understand you.
I gave up years ago. Sometimes I feel old when it’s about music.
Sometimes I have an impression that comparing to our contemporains musicians, Britney will be considered a diva.
I’m listening to Frank Sinatra “I’ve got you under my skin”, that’s music.

#2 ana on 08.15.12 at 4:54 am

I soo agree with you girls. The “s*x sells” slogan is so overused and proved to be not necessary if you are a good musician. Look at Alicia Keys for example or Adele. Of course they are sexy but it is not that “in your face” sexuality. It is all about subtleness.

A recent study showed that Pop music has become louder in the last 15 years.
“global loudness level of music recordings has consistently increased over the years,”
“Similarly, the team found the diversity of chords and melodies has “consistently diminished in the last 50 years”.
It says a lot of the actual panorama.A copy of a copy of a copy …
Call me crazy but sometimes I think there is a conspiration of the industry and governments to make people dull and keep us (more)under control.

I am back to the old classics too!!! ;-)

#3 Riana on 08.15.12 at 8:06 am

The riot of the new music generation has began in Moscow! Pussy Riot!!
I hope this is a start. But as long as we have access to electricity and the ‘like button’ option is available the (r)evolution is still on Facebook etc. :P

I recognize the hand of Ridley Scott in this commercial. That’s a part of his job too. As much as I love his films I don’t take this seriously but I have never ever take a commercial or advertisement seriously. With an exception for Swiffer! ;)

#4 kpriss on 08.17.12 at 1:51 am

(sorry for being so long – there were issues with the electricity for almost an entire day two days ago and we’ve been falling behind on every schedule ever since. I promise, it won’t keep you in the “dark” anymore ;) !)

Now I have to tell how much it matter to feel this amazing connection with you, to feel that we share the same vision! I’m beyond excitement! And it means tremendously for the world as well – it means that the true values will be carried on, passed on. It’s good. It’s reassuring! Gaga’s Fame may fade, but music will still be strong! (group hug?)

#5 Riana on 08.17.12 at 5:31 am

Group hug? Of course! Certainly after your ordeal! “Funny” I mentioned the electricity.

ana’s reply was still under moderation otherwise I would have replied a bit different. This is not about just music girls. This an ad campaign for a new perfume. In this case it’s the next celebrity who did launch her perfume. It’s not about music!! It’s about the way they, sell, sell us things and cash in for everyone involved. Yes, s*x sells. Not only in music also in fashion. All the time. I feel, see no difference in the way they present music as they present fashion.
Great music isn’t dead it lives on. And it’s hard(er) to find.

Hahaha, I totally believe your conspiracy theory ana. Don’t get me started. So I won’t. ;)

#6 ana on 08.17.12 at 8:10 am

Ah, yes. I was talking specifically about the 2nd sentence of the post.
Curiously , s*x does not disturb me in advertising of a material product. ( one can argue that they are trying to sell music using s*x,ok, but music is not material).
In fact I find it funny most of times ( recently here in Spain there was an ad of Burger King, very se*ual, and it was really funny).
But it enrages me when it happens in music. Besides, it turned out into something a bit of control in the last 10 years. It is just BORING!
Cher did it centuries ago.. Madonna too.. Then it was controversial and used in an almost political way. it was confrontational.
Nowadays it is plain and tedious.

Riana, nice to know I am not alone, really.. my kids think I am going bonkers.
Kpriss, I also feel this connection.Thanks for the nice posts.
Yes, hugs and hugs. Yay!!

#7 Riana on 08.17.12 at 8:28 am

ana, I visit a rock-forum sometimes. So I still have hope. Young people love the old music and say almost exactly the same things as we do. Someone like Patti Smith is still a role model to lot of young girls and women overthere. I take her as an example because my heart is with the brave women of Pussy Riot who has been sentenced to jail for two years in Russia! I hope they set an example, be an inspiration with their braveness. Music can be so powerful. Bless them.

And for the rest since life goes on have a great weekend girls! <3

#8 ana on 08.17.12 at 9:30 am

2 years! I saw it!! but I am(almost) sure Mr Putkin will come now as the white knight and give his clemency… At least I HOPE for that!!!
Thanks girl!A great week end for all of you here ;-)

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