Anna Sui’s Home

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Just one image from a notorious Fashion Designer’s home is enough to tell if that home really reflects their personality or it was just decorated by some A – list interior decorator. Today’s designer is Anna Sui.

Eric Boman took some very evocative pictures of the designer’s home for Elle Décor. As far as I can tell, the home really matches the designer like a glove! And the best part of the house? Anna Sui’s closet (see it after the jump)! It’s like walking in a bazaar, not a closet! Now I know why she wants her models to smile on the catwalk all the time – you can’t be gloomy with a wardrobe like that, can you?

Anna Sui s home living room

Anna Sui s home wardrobe


#1 ana on 08.17.12 at 8:20 am

I love the black lacquered floors. But how one keep it clean of dusty with 3 kids?

#2 ana on 08.17.12 at 8:21 am

sorry,i meant dust.

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