J. Mendel’s Gilles Mendel Designs Hunter Boots For Fall

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Although I shamelessly admit I was expecting Hunter to ink down a deal with none the other than Christian Louboutin, the news reports indicate towards Gilles Mendel. J. Mendel’s designer collaborated with Hunter on a special collection for this very fall.

Gilles Mendel J Mendel Hunter Boots collaborationAfter Jimmy Choo Hunter boots, the J. Mendel Hunter rubber boots in both short and long versions will retail around $585 and $795 respectively through stores like Nordstrom and hunter – boot dot com. Wearing Hunter rubber boots has been glamorized by the likes of Kate Moss (who puts them on to party at the summer festivals) or Angelina Jolie (who wore red Hunters in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Paired with just a white men shirt). If you can afford such rubber boots, you surely have no business in the mud, so what would you buy them for?

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