Anja Rubik Launching 25 Magazine In Cannes

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Remember when more and more models stepped forward to discuss their awkward photo sessions with Uncle Terry? At the time, there was one particular model’s declaration which left me puzzled and in doubt: Anja Rubik. One of the best looking models right now, very in demand, Anja worked with Terry. However, questioned about her modeling experience with him, she said she had nothing strange to report and didn’t understand all that buzz surrounding him harassing models.

Now I understand why: Anja is (re) launching 25 Magazine in Cannes. What’s that got to do with the above mentioned uncle Terry? Well, you see, 25 Magazine isn’t your ordinary fashion magazine! It’s a 300 – pages collection of visual goodies with explicit content.

Anja Rubik at Cannes party Chopard

(Anja is already in Cannes, above attending the Chopard Mystery Party, yesterday, so I’m thinking she’s ready for today’s big 25 launch.) Including pictures taken by women photographers only (the likes of Annie Leibovitz or Ellen von Unwerth), 25 Magazine is “mainly a fashion magazine but with an erotic twist”, as described by Anja herself. If you take a look at the teaser below, you’ll get 25’s idea of fashion! (is that David Gandy, with Abbey Lee?)

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