Kitsch Avantgarde: Mercedes Benz Necklaces

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It’s amazing to see how a hipster can turn kitsch into gold. Literally! Wearing a Mercedes – Benz emblem around your neck is not only so eighties but so… bad taste too! However, if you’d be Mike D from the Beastie Boys, wearing a Mercedes – Benz sign hanging around your neck from a chest long golden necklace, the gesture wouldn’t be considered kitsch but avant-garde!

I’m puzzled! I was really fascinated with the Beastie Boys music when I was younger. There was this street – wisdom charm to their songs I couldn’t always relate to. But this? I couldn’t relate to even if I wanted to – Mercedes – Benz is behind some pretty awesome cars, I give you that, but wearing their emblem around my neck is taking appreciation one step too far. Towards lame. But what do I know? (more after the jump)

Mercedes Benz event

They say it’s the appreciation of an era. The 80s revival with a glam twist. I say it’s just a bad taste display of misplaced luxury affiliation. But the hipster crowd who showed up at this Opening night celebration of the Mercedes – Benz Transmission LA at the Audio – Visual Club surely thought differently. After all, one of the Beastie Boys was curating the event, he couldn’t possibly be wrong. Especially since in his young hipster & rebel 80s days, he used to carry a VW emblem around his neck, much like he did now with the Mercedes – Benz one. Contemporary art, really?

Mercedes Benz press kit

Mercedes Benz artistic installation Mercedes Benz artistic Transmission LA The Audio Visual Club Mercedes Benz representative with necklace

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