Jessica Stam Opens Up About Vogue Italia Controversy

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We’re used to being amazed by those beautiful, graceful models anytime, with any occasion. But how often do we really want to hear them talk? Find out what they really have to say? Jessica Stam was recently questioned about her perspective over Vogue Italia’s Over the Top controversy (you know, that too – much issue covered by Joan Smalls!).

And here’s what La Stam had to day about it all (when asked how she felt about that Haute Mess story that some people considered racially offensive):

“I don’t know, the pictures, like the references were pulled off of websites and pretty exact to these…references, so I don’t know. I mean, it’s all in fun and people get…(mumble, mumble) I don’t know …whatever.”

Jessica Stam Vogue Italia Haute Mess pictorial

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