Marc Jacobs Still Talking About Refusing The Dior Position

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Weeks are going by, not one day is like the other but Marc Jacobs is still stuck on not taking that Dior position! After talking about it in Vogue he’s now saying it to the Telegraph. Same tune, different lyrics (please refrain yourself from raising them beautiful eyebrows but feel free to comment below! Please, bring back Galliano?):

‘…Mr Arnault is a super intelligent man and a very smart man and it was certainly a very great honour for him to know that I was capable – and not only capable but that I am someone that he would have wanted for the job. But I am very happy to be here. There is so much more left to do and building Louis Vuitton into a fashion company is something nobody else can say they really started. […] but we agreed that it was probably best for everyone.’

Marc Jacobs with Kate Moss

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