Rachel Bilson Designs Shoes With Steve Madden!

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It’s been long since our last report on celebrities fashion enterprises – it’s that time of the year again! Rachel Bilson? Remember her? She used to be der Kaiser’s protegee and now she’s back in the spotlight with a new TV Series (which could get interesting ratings – Hart of Dixie? Are you familiar with it? I’ve seen the trailer and I admit I was curious to see more, it’s one of those warm TV series about people living in small country towns – and that I love, that I live).

Also, Rachel Bilson is allegedly designing a shoes collection! With her stylist and Steve Madden. It’s an interesting “designing” concept. But hey, I’m willing to give her credit for it, at least she doesn’t sit around wasting her paychecks. She’s investing herself in fashion. Will you buy shoes from Rachel Bilson? (what if you didn’t know Steve Madden was involved, would you still buy Rachel Bilson shoes?)

Rachel Bilson shoes collection

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