Music From Fashion Shows: Bottega Veneta’s Intreccio One With Michel Gaubert

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Don’t you just love a good fashion show soundtrack? I sometimes get the feeling the music playing on the catwalk drives the fashion show more than the actual clothes! (or the models)

Hence, I can’t do otherwise but love Bottega Veneta’s musical initiative with French DJ Michel Gaubert. A truly fashionable playlist, picked from the Bottega Veneta’s catwalk music that comes with photographs by Robert Longo from Bottega Veneta’s Fall Winter 2010 2011 ad campaign (the disk itself shows the dark woven pattern we’re used to seeing in Bottega Veneta’s creations). After the jump, you can get a taste of the actual mix (which is available in Bottega’s stores across the world). Don’t you just love it when one of your favorite songs comes with high couture recommendations? (yep, I’m talking about Lindstrom’s Lovesik)

Bottega Veneta Intreccio One

Intreccio Uno Mini Mix by bottegaveneta

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