Kristen Wiig Does GQ Magazine

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There’s this super issue from GQ magazine, the Men of the Year 2011 issue. Only there isn’t only one man of the year, you see, there’s more! There’s a King, there are show men, there’s a Fanatic, a Bro, an Ace, an Icon and so forth! How would you feel if I told you that under “Man of the year BRO” lies the lovely, brilliant Kristen Wiig? Weird much?

At least her picture is uninviting enough to keep your focus on the article, which actually revolved around Jon Hamm (yes, yes, that Mad Men Hamm!), Kristen’s FBuddy from Bridesmaids. Side note – if you haven’t seen Bridesmaids yet, please correct that asap! You. Have. To. Watch. Bridesmaids! End of side note.

And Hamm talks about.. well, what else but the intimate scenes between him and Kristen from the above mentioned movie! Really, Jon? Really, GQ? Is that all there is to say about Kristen Wiig? Seriously? (side note two – you really should’ve slipped a mention about Chris O’Dowd! He was great! Although if he makes it big, we’ll miss him in the IT Crowd! End of side note two)

Kristen Wiig GQ Magazine picture

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