Voguepedia Vs Vogue Encyclo

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When Voguepedia was launched, I was like “um.. yeah, sure, it’s nice” but wasn’t swept off of my feet. With Vogue Encyclo, it’s an entirely different story!

Although based on the same concepts, Voguepedia and Vogue Encyclo are as different as black and white. The first was launched under Vogue US and the second under Vogue Italy. You can expect anything from Franca Sozzani but following in someone else’s footsteps. Franca has an entirely new vision of what a fashion tell-all website should be! And it’s way more democratically conceived, thus it will become way more popular than Voguepedia. Wait and see! Vogue Encyclo is who what when how in fashion, only wrote by you. By any of you! And moderated by them. Naturally.

Which style suits you better – the Voguepedia imposed fashion dictionary or the Vogue Encyclo, a webocratic approach of anything, everything fashion? I’ll go for the latter, eyes closed!

Voguepedia vs Vogue Encyclo

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