Do You Like The Way You Look?

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I found this statistically interesting piece of beauty – age – fact I though I’d share with you. Because it may prove as interesting to you as it did to me and because you can confirm it or not.

A survey has been conducted on women over 60s and on teen girls. When asked if they like they appearance, 64% of the women in their early 60s responded affirmatively. Now get this – it’s the best part! – 69,3% of the teen girls also liked their appearance! Isolated similarity? When they were asked if they look good for their age, the 60s group checked back affirmatively in a proportion of 88,3% while 80,2% of the teens said yes!

Young ladies out there better be alert because the way they feel about themselves right now, may never change throughout their lives! Mothers out there? Proceed with care!

revealing beauty survey on women

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