Dare To Wear John Caswell’s Mr Button Buttons?

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It’s the little details that matters. The little bits and pieces of personal approach, of individual style add up to an otherwise blunt wardrobe (blunt by being just like any other, pre-made and pre-styled).

Today’s Dare To Wear question addresses not so much to the jewelry lover inside you but more to the simple details passionate in you! John Caswell’s Mr Button buttons can make or break your day! It’s up to you! Friendly or sad, Mr Button’s face is at your disposal, to make what you want / feel of it!

A pack of ten buttons in two sizes will only cost you almost $9. Just look at those cutie faces! How can you say no?

Mr Button by John Caswell

Who is behind Mr Button? John Caswell, a British designer based in Bristol. He sharpened his creativity at the University of Plymouth (2006) and his work has been subject of numerous competitions and exhibitions throughout the years. Take for instance another one of his playful designs is a knot door handle which was selected in a Designboom competition.

Light house John Caswell

As for another favorite of mine, John Caswell’s Apron Guide is one of those cool and useful things I imagine having around the house / kitchen. Numeric conversions (those are priceless!), freezing instructions, defrosting times (loving!) cooking time for vegetables (you’ll make the envy of your invites!) and so much more (yeah, about that apron – it can be yours for app. $24!). I would also make a special note, for Halloween purposes (and more) and add the above pictured House Light to my wishlist!

I have to close this, otherwise I’ll end up concluding that John Caswell’s playful approach of design will push me into wanting all his work! Back to those cute buttons now – would you wear them?

Kitchen measurements apron faces buttons knot handles John Caswell

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#1 Ellington on 10.19.11 at 10:34 am

Yes! Yes I would! I would love to add them to a cranberry coloured cardi that I have, it would add some fun and whimsy to it! : )

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