Chloe Moretz’s Interview November 2011

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In an issue talking about the rising of the Teen Culture, Interview shows a pretty gorgeous cover for their November 2011 issue. Chloe Moretz is the new teen darling (alongside Hailee Steinfeld, of course) and the cover picture is sheer perfection.

In an artsy kind of way. Undoubtedly, the inside pictorial is just as great, delivering as much culture as the new teen wave allows it. After all, people were longtime shocked at fashion industry’s habits of taking younger and younger girls and pushing them on the catwalks – it would appear that using younger and younger actors is way more acceptable. How? (just in case you were wondering, Chloe Grace Moretz is 14 and here‘s her cinematic listing until now)

Chloe Moretz Interview November 2011 cover

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