Baptiste Giabiconi Dances With The Stars. In France

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Though I never really gave too much attention to him and didn’t consider he was a real item, Baptiste Giabiconi seems a downright VIP in France. Karl Lagerfeld’s boytoy… umm protégé is a contestant in Dancing With The Stars, the French version, on the show’s second season!

It would appear that last week, Baptiste was almost sent home. Ultimately saved by the public’s vote (I bet they were the lucky recipients of some Chanel freebies to stimulate their Baptiste liking!), Baptiste came back this week stronger. And lesser dressed. A shirtless, engaged, dedicated Baptiste emerged. And the public loved him (more Chanel freebies?). The jury loved him (definitely some Chanel freebies)! Now take a look and judge for yourself, hit the jump to see the video!

Baptiste Giabiconi dances with the stars in France

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