Sofia Vergara’s Redbook September 2011

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Impatiently waiting for the next season of Modern Family, I find myself staring at Redbook’s September 2011 cover with Sofia Vergara.

Not only do I stare and smile, but I also think she’s one of the most beautiful women out there right now. Sofia Vergara looks laidback, joyful and amazing, comme d’habitude on the cover of Redbook (fragments from her interview are featured on the site too, I loved the part where she sais her son teases her about her accent: He doesn’t understand how my accent can get worse and worse. He says, ‘It’s not normal. Nobody does that.’ So when I got nominated for the Emmy [in 2010] I called him and said, ‘Right in your face! Even with my accent!’)

Sofia Vergara Redbook cover

Sofia Vergara Redbook magazine

Sofia Vergara Redbook september 2011

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