Marc Jacobs $1,495 Teddies Bag

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When do you know your actions can be described as crossing some kind of line? When you’d be spending a whopping $1,500 on a spotted Teddy Bear bag!

This Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddies shearling bag has me all worried about the fascinated fashionistas who’ll be spending such an outrageous amount of money for such an easily diy thing! We’ve seen some pretty improbable diy things going on, so I don’t see any reason for this bag not to join the do it yourself arena.

Getting back to the said bag – is it just me, or it really looks ridiculous with a four figures price tag?

Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddies Shearling bag

Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddies handbag

Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddies handbag fall winter 2011 Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddies shearling handbag fall winter 2011

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#1 ajginger on 08.24.11 at 5:54 pm

Nah, don’t like the bag. I am distracted though by the lovely yellow colour of the jumper. Mine gets old and I adore this colour. Am looking for a year for a new one. I like the booties too but the bag? No thanks.

Are we looking at the possible future for Dior here? Hmm..

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