Tyra Banks Modelland Eyebrow Piece – The Smize. Trend Material?

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I recently discovered the secret to Tyra Banks eyebrow jewelry piece. It’s an artistic reference / parallel to her Modelland book (as the piece is called Smieze in the novel and it actually plays a role within). I’m unsure whether this will turn out to be a catchy trend and by New Year’s Eve party everyone and their dog will end up wearing sparkling feathered eyebrow pieces. Ahem Smizes

Either way, Tyra has her own novel book, a three part series novel book actually (which sounds like Harry Potter, with models / wizards and spells). Eyebrow jewelry or not, will you buy her Modelland book? (if your answer is positive, then please consider preordering your book here)

Tyra Banks Modelland book

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