Justin Bieber Doesn’t Sell Magazines

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The internationally acclaimed teen star Justin Bieber has been given the chance to cover various magazines covers, from Teen Vogue to Vanity Fair. All that because he is such a popular performer and his rise to fame was so spectacular that the world didn’t even have the time to get to know him before he was allover the place.

Either that, or an international plot to sink Justin Bieber is on a roll, ageing is tough in Hollywood… (via)

Justin Bieber Magazine covers


#1 keiko on 07.06.11 at 3:50 pm

This does not surprise me as I have felt that print media have no idea who their demographics are anymore. My 6 year old luvs Justin Bieber’s song on the radio but she doesn’t read Vanity Fair & the only Vanity Fair I brought was the one with Rob Lowe on the cover. Magazines need to stop catering to the pre-teen market – they don’t read magazines!

#2 kpriss on 07.06.11 at 11:27 pm

they should consider mass tweeting. I bet that will register more important statistics than this cover. I have yet to enter the tween torments with our kids, we’re still enjoying fairy tale books in the house and our eldest keeps reading them in heavy rotation for his brothers and sister. I keep thinking these are magic years and the day they’ll demand the first tween magazine I know it’ll be all gone…

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