Jessica Biel’s Revlon Ad Campaign With Pharrell

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Talking about Megan Fox and her latest Armani Beauty ad campaign got me thinking about Jessica Biel and her Revlon commercial. Did you know she did an ad with Pharrell for Revlon? (which makes Pharrell a Revlon spokesperson as well?)

Jessica looks adorable in each and every one of the Revlon beauty 2011 ad campaign. I love the way they managed to highlight different features of Jessica’s face, I’m trying to pick a favorite between the Face Illuminator and the Luxurious Colors Eyeshadow. Either way, the video was surprisingly appealing, check it out after the jump! (via)

Jessica Biel Revlon 2011 ad campaign face illuminator

Jessica Biel Revlon summer 2011 eyeshadow ad campaign

Jessica Biel Revlon summer 2011 campaign shadow liner Jessica Biel Revlon summer 2011 ad campaign mascara Jessica Biel Revlon summer 2011 ad lipgloss

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#1 Yasmina on 07.19.11 at 3:27 pm

Gorgeous ads. I LOVE the one with Pharrell, the black and white has that perfect combination of classy and sexy. Revlon always seems to get the ads right…I wish some other cosmetics lines would pay attention. L’Oreal always likes to crop the models’ pictures at unnatural angles, looking like dismemberment…Maybelline slaps slogans directly over models’ faces and has generally too crazy, busy ads…CoverGirl’s seem too sterile with all the white space for my taste…and Rimmel’s are just crappy with horrible layout and composition.
Sorry for the random ad-rant. Nice site, I just discovered it. :)

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