Balenciaga Fall Winter 2011 2012 Ad Campaign

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Usually, it takes a high fashion profile magazine to premiere a high profile fashion house’s ad campaign for the next season. However, with the new print vs. virtual media revolution, it would appear that, at least under an experimental title, the virtual media has won! The next Balenciaga Fall Winter 2011 2012 ad campaign will break online first.

Julia Nobis, Liisa Winkler, Carla Gebhart, Juliane Gruner posed for Steven Meisel in a NY studio and also in a Harlem church (if I had to choose, I’d go for the Harlem church: the contrast between the classic, antique stone setting and the geometrical, clean Balenciaga cuts looks really good). I wonder why they used the bathroom tiles setting, though. Why not recreate a virtual grid and use it as a backsplash? I will most certainly look more futuristic than a bathroom… (via)

Balenciaga Fall Winter 2011 2012 ad campaign

Balenciaga FW 11 12 ad

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