What To Wear At Starbucks. Not.

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Remember what Taylor Momsen was wearing for a coffee cup run? I’m sure Lady Gaga has seen that picture and thought she could surely surpass Taylor for a coffee cup outfit (virtual) challenge. And she did!

Showing up at a Starbucks near you is the fierce Lady Gaga! Who’s not a stranger to the concept – I threw anything I found in the back of my closet on and just got out the door! Well done, Gaga, I’m sure you made your mama proud! (and way to go with your said podiatrist who’s been telling you to lay off the high heels and start wearing sneakers!) (photos via)

Lady Gaga Starbucks


#1 ajginger on 06.04.11 at 2:37 pm

Gaga please, I can bare the cap but get rid of the fish-tights (stockings??) I seen those yet for some time but if you like I have a some in all colours. In good shape. Wannahave? They are vintage! Ja, ja…….

#2 keiko on 06.07.11 at 7:18 am

In 2030 when we reminence about “Retro music from way back when…” – at least our children / grandchildren will have a good laugh @ Lady gaga’s expense!

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