Pixar Disney Soundtrack Break

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Since this Mother’s Day issue, I wanted to share something I hold really close to my heart. Music – wise. Every week I’m trying to make our beloved Friday break as lovable as possible, as special as possible.

This week it’s about Pixar via Disney. I’ve made no secret that Pixar’s movies are pretty much as masterpiece as it gets, in cinematography, for me. Yes, cinematography, I’m willingly expanding the animation category in which, normally, Pixar / Disney movies fall into. Movies like Ratatouille and Up can permanently alter my perspective on the way movies are made and on what a movie script should or should not be.

Please join me on a magic journey through Pixar’s and Disney’s soundtracks! Below you’ll find Camille Dalmais’s Le Festin from Ratatouille’s soundtrack as well as the Married Life from Up (by Michael Giacchino) right after the jump! Enjoy my special Mother’s Day playlist, a gift from me to moi, hopefully for you too!

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