How About Swarovski Perfume And Body Creme?

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We’re no strangers to Swarovski crystals. From some of the most exquisite collaborations to the kitschy-est, there’s a Swarovski – thing for everyone!

One thing leads to another so Swarovski made the leap and launched into the beauty industry! With a perfume, makeup and care products, Swarovski is aiming to beautify every woman out there. Their first line is (suggestively) called Aura and comes with promises that there’s more to it than the skin – deep gorgeousness of the packaging!

The Aura perfume is mainly floral (with high notes of white tuberose but also fruity notes of lychee and spicy notes of red berries) while the must have of the collection is a perfumed body cream filled with Swarovski crystal powder! Aura by Swarovski. Would you give it a try? (via)

Aura Swarovski collection

Aura Swarovski necklace

Aura Swarovski

Swarovski Cosmetics collection

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