Jacquelyn Jablonski’s Givenchy Beauty Fall Winter 2011 Campaign. Twilight Fans Rejoice

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You said it was Photoshop… You even thought it was Sean Penn.. but honestly, doesn’t Scarlett Johasson look way more interesting, inviting and, sincerely more attractive than Jacquelyn Jablonski does in the below image?

I may be labeled as an ignorant by the gloom makeup people and some may even feel the need to ask if negativism is all I see in Givenchy‘s Fall Winter 2011 2012 Beauty Ad Campaign. Well, to those of you who feel that way I only have reality to summon as my allied! I couldn’t for the life of me, go out in the light of day with a makeup like this! I couldn’t wear it in the dark either, it would be such a waste! The makeup in itself (the artistic idea of it) is gorgeous. In a Twilight kind of way. But other than that? Would you wear it? (photo via)

Jacquelyn Jablonski Givenchy beauty ad campaign fall 2011

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