How About Some Burberry Art?

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Visually perfect, the Dunkelheit series from 2007 by artist Jiri Geller features four Donald Duck heads in a more artsy interpretation.

Even if three of them are completely fashion – free, there’s a fourth Dunkelheit duck infused with a serious Burberry spirit. And it looks great! However, I think a bit of interlocked CC for the black one, GC for the beige one and a tad of LV for the bicolored duck would suit just fine and make this one of the most fashionable ducks series I’ve ever led my eyes on! cliche, yes. But fashionable! (Jiri Geller via)

Burberry Donald Duck Jiri Geller

Black Donald Duck Jiri Geller

Bicolored Donald Duck Jiri Geller

Donald Duck Dunkelheit Collection Jiri Geller

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