Crystal Renn’s Weight – We Can’t Get Enough Of

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All that time has passed, can you believe people are still talking about Crystal Renn’s weight? It’s unbelievable, even for the fashion industry. They just can’t seem to get over the fact that she’s been thin, she’s been over(fashion)weight and now she’s thin again (not that thin in fashperspective, but mostly thin for the people who were used to her being an ambassador for the well proportioned individuals).

Either way, Crystal Renn’s weight is still the hot topic of the day, more like the plat du jour in fashion. Surprisingly, since she’s been like that for almost a year now? Which means at least two years in fashion years! What’s going on? (right after the jump, you’ll find fragments from her interview while posing for Vogue Japan)

Crystal Renn Vogue Japan pictorial

When it comes to my size being a topic–the topic of size in general and acceptance of all body types is a good direction where diversity and women feeling good is the focus.
Do I like the fact that people have huge arguments over my size and whether it’s ok? No matter what size I am, it’s OK because I’m fine. Health is the most important thing. So I think that sometimes when there’s this kind of bashing–this ‘Is she a plus size model?’ I mean, I didn’t make that the technical term. I didn’t invent it. If anything, people get angry at me for using a term like plus size but I didn’t invent the system. Actually, I’m thankful that there is a place where size 8s all the way up to 20s can go and still model and can experience how wonderful this job is without the pressure.

The thing is, I was recovering from anorexia. My body’s going to do some things that I don’t expect. It’s a learning process for me. The problem is when we start bashing and saying ‘Oh i think she’s not as pretty when she’s this thin’ or I even read a comment where it said I was emaciated. I’ve been called fat a million times but when someone called me emaciated, I’ve got to be honest, I got really really angry. I am not emaciated. It’s funny because if I, for instance gained the weight because I was listening to them, I’d be doing the very same thing I was doing when I started out in this industry. I was listening to others to decide where my weight should be and who I should be in general. And I refuse to do that again. It would be more hypocritical.

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