Scarlett Johansson Covers Vogue China April 2011

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There’s something about Scarlett Johansson‘s new hair. Something undone and unstylish yet adorable. I sometimes get the feeling she’s trying so hard to be un-liked and un-like-others, she fails brilliantly.

Like this Vogue China April 2011 cover – I’m not as naive as to imagine she has had anything to do with the styling or the pose. However, I’m as pretentious as to imagine stylists out there must think of some other way of making Scarlett appealing. Something other than constantly teasing and trying to seduce. Also – if bed hair is the final result, why try so hard and blow dry it, straighten it, fill it with styling products and then tousle it all around? Why not just let it be – straight bed hair? Why is looking natural so hard? (what’s with pink and Vogue April covers?) (Vogue China via)

Scarlett Johansson Vogue China April 2011 cover

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