Comme Des Garcons Spring Court Sneakers

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You know how I always chase around for comfy – er sneakers. I’m a comfort loving individual, deep inside my fashionable, stiletto loving self! Don’t tell that to anyone! Posh may be seen wearing flats more often than I! (yeah, right!)

Anyway, my flats, sneakers loving self decided it was time for some green – something these St Pat’s days. So there I go with Comme des Garcons Spring Court Beatles sneakers. Why they’re called the Beatles and not iSneakers since they have an apple on them, you say? Well, because the recording company founded by the Beatles is called Apple Corps Ltd! Besides, there’s no bite on the apple, duh!

Part of the Spring Summer 2011 collection, these lovely, simple white canvas lace sneakers can be yours for just $189! (oh, and if nobody believes they’re called The Beatles, just turn the other side and show them the black on white writing!)

Comme des Garcons Spring Court white sneakers

Comme des Garcons Spring Court white Beatles sneakers

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#1 Ellington on 03.18.11 at 6:58 pm

They are cute but to be honest I am not a big Beatles fan.

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