A Gold Bicycle. Anyone Interested?

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Before you get all fussed up about it – no, it’s not a joke! And yes, I can see how insensitive and out of fashion I may be, talking about a gold bicycle in full Fashion Week season. and still…

Fashion and shallowness often go together and a 24 – karat gold bicycle with over 600 Swarovski crystals could enchant even the toughest fashcerebral of them all. It’s sparkling and most blingy, and, cherry on top, it’s environment friendly (as friendly as gold can really be).

How much, you say? $108,000. How many? 10. Yes, only ten Gold Bike Crystal Edition by the Aurumania Company were made, ready to be shipped anywhere in the world! Don’t you just want one? (via)

Gold bike Crystal edition Aurumania

Gold bike Crystal edition

Gold bike Swarovski Crystal edition

Gold bike Swarovski Crystals detail

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