Anna Dello Russo’s Golden Fashion Disaster

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There’s definitely something about Anna Dello Russo and golden outfits. Someone, somewhere must have told Anna that dressing up like a pharaoh would definitely raise her sanctity levels sky high. And beyond.

And it’s well known that Anna Dello Russo is the High Priestess of Fashion, that nothing she wears is wrong and she’s an absolute authority when it comes to class and style. I have to differ, this Moschino fringed golden coat is everything but stylish and fashionable.

Also – in a world where a blue painted canvas is framed and posted as art, I should lay my exigencies lower, shouldn’t I? (images via 1, 2, 3)

Anna Dello Russo Moschiuno Golden fringe coat

Anna Dello Russo Moschiuno Golden fringe coat Jason Wu Studio

Anna Dello Russo Golden outfit

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